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Free sneaks from [ hoorenbeek ]

Ladies and gents, run for this offer. The [ hoorenbeek ] store has put out a fabulous free pair of unisex sneakers under their Christmas tree. The sneakers are listed as womens’ ones, but they are definitely unisex, and have a script-touch resize option, so boys all you have to do is wear ’em, touch ’em, and then choose ‘large’ from the blue dropdown box options. (Seriously, guys; it’s so hard for you to find great shoes in-world. You need these!)

TP to [ hoorenbeek ]

Mar models her snuggly winter look, complete with funky new [ hoorenbeek ] sneaks:

Hop behind the cut for more pics!

This is the tree at the [ hoorenbeek ] store. You can’t miss the gift! Right-click and buy for 0L$ –

The shoes are fabulous. Because they’re sculpties, you might find they take a few moments to rez (ie: they’ll probably look a bit odd until the textures have fully loaded) but once they do load, this is what they look like:

Ladies, you can wear them as-is. (Set your foot size to zero, if it isn’t already. The notecard inside the gift pack will explain!) Gents, you’ll need to size the shoes up. Click one of them and you’ll see a blue dropdown menu like the one below. Click the ‘large’ button and the shoes will resize for your big blokey feet!


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