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New items!

Hasty, hasty. Little did I even think that in order to keep my XStreet box rezzed, I of course needed some land somewhere. So I guess I’ll have to keep on paying rent after all. It’s not that much, really; just a pain when I’m not able to get in-world very much at the moment.

Anyhow, I have managed to get in-world today, and I’ve made two nifty items that are now on sale in my store in Baileya, and also at my XStreet store. The first – the Quicksit Mover-Upper – is my superfast way of getting high in the sky without flight assist. I thought to build this for sale (and cheaply, too!) because since I’d deleted my sky house, I needed to get back up there to re-rez it today. The Mover-Upper has been my way of getting to 500m or 800m (or however high I want to) for some time now.

The other – the Changing Skybox – operates on the same principle, but it’s a 10mx10m enclosed room with a drop-through roof (flexible prim, very handy for making things phantom without making everything phantom!) and a simple posing stand that, once stood on, will allow you to edit the skybox and yourself up to any height, as with the Mover-Upper. The Changing Skybox also has transparent local lights, to give you a full and clear view while you’re unpacking boxes, trying on items and editing them.

Hop behind the cut for the ad boards.

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