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Silent Sparrow: New newbie freebies and lucky chair suite

I was at Silent Sparrow this morning to try and get hya’s new lucky chair suite, called ‘Pumpkins’, and I got lucky! This is yet another gorgeous unisex suite, so guys you should try your luck as well!

EDIT: The lucky chair at Silent Sparrow is now GROUP ONLY. To join the group, head to the reception desk near the landing point, and click the blue group invite logo on the wall above it. You may have to wait a day or so for your invite to come through (when I joined, I wasn’t automatically added) but once you’re a group member, enable your ~twittery bird~ tag, then go and stand by the chair to wait for your letter to come up.

There are also some new newbie freebies in the pool. You can only grab these if your avatar is less than 30 days old, so I couldn’t get them to show them modelled on Mar. But I took screenshots of the box, so you can see what you’ll get. It’s a great four-set pack of hya’s lovely hand-drawn gothic clothes, and well worth getting:

When you land in Silent Sparrow, wait for it to rez, then walk through to the centre of the store. The newbie freebie will be sitting just above the water in the pool. Then, head to your right, in the direction of all the green dots you can see on your mini-map. That’ll be the location of the lucky chair.

The lucky chair crowd was a fun one this morning, groaning as three G’s came up in succession, urging the two G people there to sit again and bump the chair, teleporting in friends (and even alts!) to bump the chair along. I hope everyone eventually got the prize, because it’s absolutely gorgeous:

As you can see, the boys are catered for with a beautiful feathered and belted coat (looks just as good on the ladies; it’s my new outfit of choice for a while!) and the girls get an extra bonus of cute shorts, top and stockings.

A few more pictures behind the cut.

It gets pretty busy around that chair! But if you can’t wait, then hya has set the suite out for sale beside the chair, at a cost of 400L$


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