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Lemania Indigo Retirement Home & Halloween hunt

Gotta hurry for this, ladies. Lemania Indigo Designs has a retirement home for old outfits. Until October 20th, you can grab outfits and shoes from 1L$ to 25L$. After that time, these designs will no longer be for sale (and there are some gorgeous ones in there, so go take a look!)

The whole Lemania Indigo Designs sim is also holding a fabulous Halloween hunt, until November 1st. Just find yourself 30L$ and go looking for trick or treat bags, each of which costs 1L$. More details behind the cut.

For this hunt, you’re seeking easy-to-find trick or treat bags, which look like this:

You can’t miss them, and none of them are hidden in really difficult to spot locations. A little hint, if you’re missing one or two after looking around: they’re spread around the sim in numerical order. So, for example, if you can’t find #12, look for #10 and then #11 and you’ll know that #12 is very close by.

You’ll find everything in this hunt, from full outfits to shoes, to skins and other items. Well worth the 30L$!

There is also the Eternal Rest Fashion Cemetery, inside which some of the gravestones hold 1L$ outfits. There are no pictures here, so you’re taking your chances, but for 1L$ you can’t go wrong.

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled while wandering around. There are a few little 1L$ gifts dotted around the place. Two that I came across are this pretty Dusty Rose skin:

And this silver lamé scarf:


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