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Why inventory-sorting is so flipping important!

OK, ladies. This is your inventory-sorting tips post for the Heaven’s Gate freebies for the girls post. There was quite literally so much stuff at Heaven’s Gate that it merited its own inventory-sorting tips post. You’ll be boggled at how much extra stuff you picked up, stuff that you don’t actually need. Duplicates galore!

This post is intended to show just how much extra, well, crap, can be picked up on a typical freebie binge, and how easy it is for your inventory to get out of control. I’m going to assume you picked up everything mentioned in the post linked to above, so hop behind the cut and let’s take a look at exactly what you ended up with…

OK. I created some new folders and shifted everything I got, having picked up every pack mentioned above, so you can see just how many duplicate items there are. Here are the screenshots of every item. And oh boy, there are a LOT!

Surprised? Well, if you’ve been in-world for more than a couple of months you honestly shouldn’t be. Your inventory is probably already heaving under the strain, so you know how bad it can get!

Counting how many individual items we picked up (and the above screenshots don’t include the full avatar kits that you can camp for: they only include the freebie stuff that doesn’t require camping) we picked up a total of just twelve boxes. Those screenshots above are the full contents of those packs, sorted so that you can see how many duplicates there are.

Let’s start with the AOs. There are four, all identical. Three of those can go. In fact, if you already have an AO then they could all go, unless you prefer this AO over the one you already have.

Bald bases. OMG, how many bald bases does a girl need?! Granted, hair creators will often change eyebrow shapes on their bald bases, so I suggest (if you don’t already have a favourite one) you try on all those (not the duplicates, only one of each name) and zoom in close on your face to see if you like any of them. If not, ditch the lot.

Undies. Well, the bikinis are all different, but the undies sets (also listed as ‘LXSweetBikini’) are duplicates. You’ve got four each of the bra and panties. You only need one.

As for the Landmarks… sheesh! Out of the 30 that you have there, you probably only want three: Heaven’s Gate, Heaven’s Shape (has a few different items at the store) and Love Aya. You know, all those Landmarks are why your Map View probably looks like this:

Now comes the shocking bit: a numerical breakdown of exactly what’s there.

Key: (Item) (got) (kept)

Zhao AO (4) (1) – Assuming you need another AO

Bald bases (12) (1) – Assuming you need another bald base

Bikini/Underwear (18) (12)

Eyes (32) (4) – Yes, there are only four pairs in total. The rest are all duplicates!

Facelights (5) (1) – Assuming you need a facelight

Hair (29) (17)

Jackets (2) (2)

Landmarks (30) (3)

Notecards (16) (0) – Since they’re mainly in Japanese, unless you can read that language they’re useless to you

Pants (2) (2)

Shapes (17) (9)

Shirts (3) (3)

Shoes (15) (2) – Only one actual pair: a left and a right. The rest are all duplicates!

Shoe shapers (8) (1)

Total items acquired: 193

Total items kept: 58

Total items thrown away: 135

It took me all of 10 minutes to sort all of that lot. Work it into your daily SL routine, and hopefully your inventory will start to look a bit less overloaded.


September 25, 2008 - Posted by | inventory management |


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  2. Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if someone could invent a device that would detect duplicates in your inventory and delete all but one of them?

    Comment by Jane Primrose | September 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. Oh good lord, yes, Jane! It would be better if something like that was a script that you could trigger to search and then manually go through the results, deleting what’s not needed (mainly because many people put copiable items into special outfit folders and the like) but being able to get rid of all those extra Landmarks would be a bonus all by itself. I would especially love this script to be able to detect the Landmark’s *location* so if someone has renamed it (or another store is there now) it would be easy to spot!

    Comment by Mar | September 26, 2008 | Reply

  4. Right! Someone PLEASE invent this for us!

    Comment by Jane Primrose | September 26, 2008 | Reply

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