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Heaven’s Gate freebies for the guys

Note: This blogpost contains inventory-sorting tips! (No, guys, you’re not exempt from messy inventories! Get sorting before it gets out of control!)

Location: Heaven’s Gate, SGLand2

What’s there: Two complete male newbie avatar packs, free male shapes and skins, camping for other full male avatar sets (30 mins each), money tree. (Lots of other freebies for the girls, too, which I’ll cover in a separate post.)

Hope behind the cut for pics, and some inventory sorting tips that might surprise you.

Heaven’s Gate is a Japanese area which offers lots of freebie items and a money tree, to help out newbies. There are both male and female items in the location (as well as a few freebie items that are found in most full-perm/business in a box stores) and you’ll also find item camping and a male newbie starter kit available only to avatars less than 30 days old.

Sit on the two pads that you see below these pictures. Your avatar will go through a (frankly rather embarrassing, so it depends how desperately you want the items!) skippety-hop dance for 30 minutes (the floating text is in Japanese, but you’ll see a countdown in minutes to show how long you have left to camp) and then you will be given the items in a folder:

Further to the right of that wall, you’ll find a shape, two skins, and two full avatar packs (detailed contents to follow) –

You’ll also find a newbie shape and skin set, which is only available if your avatar is less than 30 days old. Click the sign and, if you qualify, you’ll be given the items in a folder:

Detailed list of item contents

This is going to help you when it comes to sorting out your inventory, so pay attention! :p

Newbie Pack B contents:

Newbie Pack A contents:

freeskin_men003 contents:

01new mens shape contents:

freeskin_men002 contents:

tukasa_30 (under 30 day freebie) contents:

What to do with it all!

“Great!” I hear you say. Freebies galore!

Hm. If you picked up that little lot, you just added 54 items to your inventory. Now let’s take a look at exactly what you got. I created some new folders and shifted everything I got, having picked up every pack mentioned above, so you can see just how many duplicate items there are. Here are the three screenshots of every item:

Ever opened your Map view and cursed the fact that you see something like this? –

Well that’s because when you picked up all those boxes, you also picked up eleven landmarks (I got a lot more, since I picked up all the girls’ stuff for a separate blog post). Since there are two separate places listed in those landmarks, you still might want to keep two of them, but OMG ditch the other nine – you don’t need them! And while you’re at it, rename that first one (!!**Heavens Shape**) to read Heaven’s Shape. All those !!** bits only serve to put it at the top of your Map View list, rather than in its more easy-to-find alphabetical order place.

OK, so just scroll up and look at those lists of what you got. Now you’ve ditched those extra landmarks, what else can go? Well, you got five bald bases. You only need one! Granted, many hair creators will change things like eyebrow shaping and the like on their bald bases, so you might want to try them all on, zoom close onto your face, and make sure they all look the same. If they do, just keep one of them and dump the rest into trash.

Do you need three facelights? Hell, you’re a guy; do you need even one?! :p There are eight pairs of eyes, but only four styles. Ditch the duplicates.

This is a quicklist of what you will have got, and what you will have kept (assuming you ditched all the duplicates) –

Key: (Name) (got) (kept)

Bald Base (5) (1)

Eyes (8) (4)

Facelight (3) (1) – assuming you’re a facelights kinda guy

Hair (2) (1)

Jacket (1) (1)

Landmarks (11) (2) – assuming you want to go back there, or to the other store

Notecards (4) (0) – They’re all in Japanese, so unless you can read Japanese…

Pants (2) (2)

Shapes (6) (5)

Shirts (1) (1)

Shoes (4) (2) – Two pairs included, only one pair needed

Skins (7) (4)

Total items aquired: 54

Total items kept: 24

Total items thrown away: 30

Result? A much cleaner inventory!

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