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Heaven’s Gate freebies for the girls

NOTE: This post does not contain inventory-sorting tips, purely because there’s so much stuff here it needed a separate post! Your inventory-sorting tips for this post can be found here: Why inventory-sorting is so flipping important!

Location: Heaven’s Gate, SGLand2

What’s there: Four complete female avatar packs, free female shapes, skins and hair, camping for other full female avatar packs (30 mins each), money tree. (Other freebies for the guys, too, which I’ve already covered here.)

Hope behind the cut for pics.

Heaven’s Gate is a Japanese area which offers lots of freebie items and a money tree, to help out newbies. There are both male and female items in the location (as well as a few freebie items that are found in most full-perm/business in a box stores) and you’ll also find item camping and a male newbie skin and shape set available only to avatars less than 30 days old.

Sit on the pads that you see below these pictures. Your avatar will go through a (frankly rather embarrassing, so it depends how desperately you want the items!) skippety-hop dance for 30 minutes (the floating text is in Japanese, but you’ll see a countdown in minutes to show how long you have left to camp) and then you will be given the items in a folder:

There are four complete newbie avatar packs (details of contents to follow), a bikini pack, and four skin/shape packs on the same wall:

Details of contents (these will be useful for helping you to sort your inventory, in the extra post I’ll be making shortly)

Love Aya set 001 contents:

Love Aya set 002 contents:

Love Aya set 003 contents:

Love Aya set 005 contents:

On the floor in front of these camping and freebie items, you’ll find three boxes of freebie hair by Ronja:

Chayenne hair contents:

Ninja hair contents:

Janin hair contents:

On the opposite wall, past the central relaxing area with the money tree and full-perm/resell/BiaB freebies, you’ll find free skins mixed among the skins for sale at higher prices. Be careful what you’re clicking here: make sure you’re getting the free items, not the L$200 ones!

Yuko free skin contents:

Yuri free skin contents:

Mari free skin contents:

Mari Bindi free skin contents:

Lisa free skin contents:

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