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I lurk a bit on the official Second Life forums, and have been watching a thread where several store owners have been helping each other out, visiting each other’s stores, giving feedback on layout, ads, location and all kinds of things. It’s a great, positive thread that shows what can happen when people get together and help each other out, so I thought I’d do my bit by posting here about some of the freebies in their stores. Luckily for me, one of the posters has put together a list of everyone’s stores with handy TP links, so it’s easy for me to shuttle around the grid and take a look at everything.

My inventory is heaving and still in need of sorting, so I’ve just taken snapshots of the items in the stores. I hope the store owners don’t mind this, but I’m holding off grabbing any freebies for a bit while I’m unable to get in-world very much at the moment.

There were also more stores than I’ve featured on the list, but I’ve only mentioned the ones that had freebies and/or cheapies, as that’s the whole ethos of this blog.

Having said all that, hop behind the cut for a selection of forum freebies!

First up, we visit Rose Encrusted Fantasy. Just inside the door is a ‘jeans shortie’ outfit for 1L$ that comprises a pair of shorts and a top.

Next on the list is Talon Faire. To the left of the store’s outside there’s a freebie of the month: a top called Kissed By An Angel. There’s also a lucky chair with an elegant long gown in it. Make sure you head inside the store, too, because on the right at the back is a long red velvet and lace gown .

Rha! Designs is up next. Head through to the back of the store, where there’s a whole wall of dollarbies, and two lucky chairs.

Hiz n’ Herz Biker Wear has two freebie bags on a table just inside the store: one male and one female, containing intriguingly-named ‘leopard loungewear’ for both sexes. I almost broke my “no buying anything” rule for this!

KessKreations has two dollarbies just inside the centre of the store. One is a Meerkat shirt and tights set, the other a pink pearl jewellery set.

Onto E! Eclectic Accessories, and I almost gave in again when I saw the 30L$ Elmo slippers just outside the door ;-) I resisted, though, and headed inside where, on the wall to my left I found some ‘silly items’ for between 1L$ and 10L$: two hats, a pair of specs, a pair of bandannas, and three badges.

A bit of fun at Beck’s Card Shop, where I found free popsicles and fudgsicles that drip and vanish as you eat. I might take a couple of those with me next time I visit Caribe for a vacation ;-)

No freebies at Designs by Nissa Rayna, but if you’re looking to furnish a home then there’s a lucky chair stocked with several items of Nissa’s furniture.

Better find your peg-leg and parrot, because at Domicile you can get piratical with a free mini-arrrbor! Guys, there’s also a free male newbie starter kit here for you.

At Wren Japanese Mall (I think the entire mall is owned by one of the forum posters) I found several freebies from various vendors, including a new resident resource kit (useful if you’re a newbie, and handy to keep when you’re older, to hand out to other newbies!), a sayonara doll, a 1L$ mystery gift (from a Japanese decor vendor), a whole stall full of dollarbie dresses, a 1L$ ‘bad kitty’ t-shirt… and several others (hey, my feet are aching a bit now. You want me to keep walking around to find everything?!) There are also three prize chairs in the mall containing original creations and L$, and some whacky freebies upstairs in the Furniture Dock store.

At Fashionity Fantasy, head to the back of the store and on the right you’ll see a sign for the freebie room. In here you’ll find three 1L$ outfits, a free outfit for new residents under a month old, two lucky chairs, and a gift for adding the store to your picks.

PP Designs has two 1-prim coffee tables for 1L$ each, and a New SL resident resource Kit (not the same as the one at Wren Japanese mall).

Evotive has a 1L$ gift pose in a bright pink ball in the store. Can’t miss it! (I didn’t take a snapshot, because it simply looks like a pink poseball.)

And finally, Forever Charmed has a free rocking chair. Just the thing for poor Mar after all that trailing around lots of stores!


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  1. WOW thank you I think it is wonderful you did this! I am the owner of Rha! Designs, pleased do drop by anytime and see what is new and what new freebies are available.

    Comment by Rhaorth Antonelli | August 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the lovely review of my mall. I extend my thanks on behalf of my vendors too. If anyone goes there (or back), please walk the ENTIRE mall to find a total of three (3) prize chairs which contain original creations and L$, plus some wacky freebies at the top of Furniture Dock.

    Comment by 3Ring Binder | August 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. Rhaorth, thank you! I’ll definitely keep an eye on your store and come back to blog about new items when I can.

    3Ring, thank you for letting me know about the prize chairs and freebies in your mall. My online time is limited at the moment and I only had a couple of hours to run around all the stores on the list and write the blog post, and I thought I’d caught everything! I’ll edit the post now to include the extra items :)

    Comment by Mar | August 23, 2008 | Reply

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