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SB Mall freebies

Head over to SB Mall, where you can find lots of freebies as they celebrate the opening of the mall. Check out the freebie tree for lots of lovely things:

And then look at the carts and in all the stores. Have a good poke around, because there are lots of great freebies and dollarbies here! Pictures of just a few of them are behind the cut.

These sunglasses were on VJ Eyewear’s cart near the tree:

Matsurika offer this pretty clover necklace and earring set (it’s on the tree and in their store):

This pretty flower dress is from Anuenue:

Aguilera Vita offers this lovely necklace, bracelet and earrings set in her store:

Two free pairs of eyes (one black, one blue-green) are in the black boxes at Je Veux:

KBL offer this great colour-change bracelet set:

They are also giving away the white version (bottom-right) of this pretty halterneck camisole:

AND they have some free socks. You can never have enough long socks, especially if you like wearing flirty and punky little skirts *g*

Speaking of socks (and tights) Saya have these amazing ‘python’ tights. Freebies in six colours, including Mar’s beloved purple:

In the area behind the mall, MMP have these lovely heart earrings for 0L$:

And next to those they have this free bracelet and ring:

And that’s not even all the freebies sitting around in the mall. Go take a look!

No inventory-sorting tips for this post, as there’s just too much random stuff here. But you might want to start creating new folders in your Clothing folder, for things like shoes, jewellery, accessories (bags/hats/belts etc) and the like.


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