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Skins: Frick’s Fabulous Freebies

NOTE: This post contains inventory-management tips, too!

Fricka Morgath, owner of Frick Skins, has three lovely free skins in the basement of her store at Blackmount. Not only do these boxes contain skins, but you also get shapes and *cough* ‘underthere’ hair, too ;)

Quick teaser pic:

There are two more, which I will go into detail about behind the cut. You can also pick up some inventory-management tips in this post.

The freebies are located in the basement of Frick Skins. First up, is the Pink Glammy Set:

This set contains the following items:

Next, is the Shimmering Fae skin:

This set contains the following items:

Finally, there is the Fireworks set:

This set contains the following items:

Each set costs 0L$, and they are great starter sets for newbies. Make sure you check out the rest of Frick’s skins, because the prices are very good: an average of 30L$ per skin and shape pack, and lots of lovely designs to choose from.

Inventory sorting tips

OK, in line with my new inventory-sorting methods, here are some hints and tips on where to file these skins, and how to deal with everything that came with them.

Take a look back at the contents of each folder. Assuming you got all three skin sets, you would have three each of the following items:

  • Notecard: How to change the color of eyebrows and underthere
  • Notecard: Styling Card
  • Notecard: Random info about Frick
  • Underwear: Underthere – Landing Strip
  • Underwear: Underthere – Full
  • Hair: Pointy eyebrow base
  • Hair: Thicker eyebrow shape

You would also have two of the following:

  • Shape: Pinup shape
  • Notecard: License
  • Landmark to Frick Skins

Finally, you have one of each of the following

  • Skin: Tan – Pink Glammy
  • Skin: Fae – Shimmering
  • Shape: Pixie Shape
  • Skin: Tan – Fireworks
  • Skin: Goth – Fireworks
  • Object: Absolutely Annoying Particle Thingy
  • Object: Slightly Less Obnoxious Particle Thingy

So let’s see. You only need one of each of the items in the three-of and two-of lists, with one caveat: the styling info cards give you info about where the hair in each of the images is from. If you don’t need that info, you can trash the styling cards. For everything else, though, you only need one of each item. (Try out the amusingly-named poofers in the Fireworks set; if you don’t like them, then get rid of them. If you do like them, or only like one of them, just keep what you want.)

First of all, head into your main Inventory tab, and open up the Body Parts folder. I have divided mine like this:

To that, I’m probably going to add ‘hair’ as well, because for ages I’ve had my hair folder in my clothing folder, and it doesn’t make sense in there.

So, in your Body Parts folder, create a folder called (and the exclamation mark is important, as it moves that folder to the top of its parent folder):

  • ! SKINS

You want three or four spaces between the exclamation mark and the folder name. I haven’t put exclamation marks in front of mine, because I file as I go along. But if you’re rushed, then you can drag all of your skins into that folder for now, and sort them later. Putting the exclamation mark in front of the main SKINS folder will push it above all those other skins folders, so you don’t have to hunt for it.

Inside that folder, create a new folder. Again, use the exclamation mark method to keep the new folder at the top. Call this folder:


Here’s mine, and you can see all my other skins folders in there, too:

Now comes the sorting bit. It will be far easier to find the underthere hair, or the info about Frick, or the eyebrow shapes if they are in their own folders, separate from the skins. Because you’re only keeping one set of each, it’s faster to put them in their own folders than to wonder which of the skins folders you kept those items in, and which of the skin folders you threw them away from. Save yourself some clicking and create some new folders:

  • Frick Eyebrows
  • Frick Shapes
  • Frick Underthere Hair
  • Frick Infocards
  • Frick freebies

Here’s mine (note: the easter egg hunt skins were ones I had and blogged about before):

Now you need to move just one of each item into the relevant folder. So into the Frick Eyebrows folder, move just one of the Pointy Eyebrow Bases, and just one of the Thicker Eyebrow Shapes. Do the same thing with the Underthere Hair, the Random Frick Info notecards, the License notecard, and the Pinup and Pixie shapes. If you want to keep the individual styling info cards, then leave them in their original folders. If not, delete them.

Finally, file the landmark in your landmarks folder, in a new folder called Skins.

Now delete everything (except the skins, of course!) that you have remaining in the original folders. You’ll be deleting all the extra: landmarks, underthere hair, eyebrow shapes, Pinup shapes, and notecards. All you should have left in the original folders are the skin each one contained, and the styling info card if you wanted to keep that.

Now, move those original folders over into your Frick Freebies folder. You should eventually have something like this:

(The Drow hair and Elven and ‘Just a shape’ shapes are from previous Frick skins that I have obtained.)

So let’s summarise this. If you bought all three of those Frick freebie skins, you obtained a total of 34 items. Assuming you kept the styling cards and the two poofers, by throwing out all the extra stuff and filing the stuff you wanted, you now have 17 items. Meaning you threw away 17 items that you didn’t need. If you didn’t keep the styling cards and poofers, you would have just 12 items, meaning you threw away 22 items.

Once you get the hang of this, and you create more folders, you’ll be able to quickly file and sort purchases on the go. Do it while you’re still standing in the store before you move on to the next one, and pretty soon you’ll have a well-organised system that lets you file and sort and keep that inventory managable.

Then you can start on all the old stuff. ;)


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