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Inventory management: Oops…


OK, well I just went on a massive freebie binge (and oh boy, do I have some goodies for you) but it meant that I added (deep breath) 600 or so items to my inventory.

Um… oops?

The reason it’s so high is that I’ve not taken out all that extraneous stuff, as I wanted to give you an example of what you can keep and throw when it comes to inventory sorting. I also didn’t file everything according to my new system, because I haven’t yet blogged about the items and I wanted to keep everything in their folders so I could tell you what came with what item.

However, this has sparked off a new idea. While we all probably have heaving inventories, and mammoth sorting sessions like the ones I’ve done over the past couple of days are pretty daunting, there is no reason at all to not start organising right here. So, with that in mind, every post I make from now on will contain suggestions on where and how to file each item. For some things, of course, you might prefer your own filing system. Clothes and accessories is the biggest area where we would all want our own systems, for example. Some of us might file dresses by: long, short, costume, etc. Others might file by: elegant, punky, goth. Yet others will file by colour: red, white, black. Nonetheless I’ll make what suggestions come to mind, and I’m also going to start a new page (the tabs at the top of this blog) dedicated to inventory management. It might take me a while to get it going (takes as much organising as the inventory itself!) but it’ll get there slowly and surely.

So, yesterday we left Mar with an inventory count of 19,400 items. She currently has 20,004 items. That will rapidly diminish as I blog and sort, so I won’t be doing any massive inventory maintenance today.

First blogpost coming up as soon as I’m finished editing the screencaps in Photoshop :)


August 5, 2008 - Posted by | hints and tips, inventory management, mar's ponderings, second life |


  1. Mar— I know what you mean!! I started a building project, as soon as I got the job I went out hunting for more textures to add to my inventory, Not that I didn’t already have allot, but the number ended up increasing my inventory over 3 000 in just a few hours! Yeah.. and I tried to sort them all in the Texture section, but I have yet to unpack EVERYTHING!!.. well one day!!

    Comment by AlterEgoTrip Svenska | August 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi, AlterEgoTrip :) I think the problem with textures, too, is so many of the freebies get renamed and passed on with those new names. After a while you might have 20 textures all the same, but mostly with different names. I wish there was a way to sort textures by UUID; that would make things so much easier when it comes to sorting out what’s what!

    Comment by Mar | August 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. Someone gave me a full-perm script that does sort textures by iiud. Unfortunately, I don’t know where they got it, and don’t remember who they were. I drop a copy into each “drawer” in my texture organizers, and everytime I drop more textures in, I reset the script so it can root out any duplications.

    Comment by Firebird | April 18, 2009 | Reply

  4. That sounds like an awesome script, Firebird. Would you be able to drop me a copy of the script’s text via email (address in the blog sidebar), please? If it’s full-perm then I’d love to be able to share it with others struggling with the textures in their inventories.

    The creator might be named in the text of the script itself (orange text, preceded with a couple of slashes, at the top of the script). You could also right-click the script in inventory and check ‘properties’ to get the creator’s name, but in the case of a full-perm script there’s no guarantee that someone hasn’t just copied the script from somewhere/someone else and pasted into a new script of their own. Possibly worth a try?

    Comment by Mar | April 24, 2009 | Reply

  5. My email doesn’t want to send outgoing mail right now, I think I need to fix some settings. Can I send it to you in-world?

    Comment by Firebird | May 6, 2009 | Reply

  6. […] Oops… I just added 600 items in two hours on a freebie spree! […]

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