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Newbie freebies: Would you Adam n Eve it?

Part 1 in a series of ‘newbie freebies’ this post and those that follow it in the series will highlight the great newbie freebies that designers give out. These are usually given to avatars under 30 days old, so you have to hurry!

First up, we hit Adam n Eve. You might recognise the name, because they are behind a few of the default avatars in your Library folder.

UPDATE (19 Dec 2008) – PLEASE READ!

Adam n Eve have discontinued many of the newbie freebies in favour of a customer loyalty card (which, when you obtain it, comes pre-loaded with 200L$ of loyalty points). Please see this post on their blog for further info, and this post for their reasoning behind the move. With 10 loyalty points already on the card, and some of their fabulously well-made shoes only costing the equivalent of 11 points, it’s still a great offer, and I completely understand that offering the newbie freebie on the shoes created a lot of administration work behind the scenes for Damen and Sachi.

Much of the free clothing is still available in the store, though :)

ALSO! There is a new picks reward gift instore, so if you have Adam n Eve in your picks, head to the store and click the picks reward sign. Two free skins: one male and one female! The picks reward will be in the board for one month and then it will change again.

Adam n Eve have a great Noobie Freebie in their shoes section. They also have other newbie freebies (a free male and female skin), free fatpack of ladies hair, free lingerie, a free long gown and a free short dress, and a great ‘picks’ offer that anyone can take advantage of, not just newbies.

If you’d like to see the quality of what’s you could get, take a look at this screenshot of Adam n Eve’s Serpenti shoes. (I just bought two pairs at full-price, because they’re so gorgeous!)

Here’s your limo – – now let’s head off to do some shopping!

OK, hop behind the cut for more info.

First, head to their shoe department (the sign is in the main shoes section, which contains ladies shoes only. Guys, go there to get your gift certificate, then head to the men’s section of the store to pick which shoes you’d like) and click the sign in front of you that looks like this:

If you’re less than 30 days old you’ll receive a folder called Adam n Eve Noobie Freebie Shoes INFO. Inside this folder is a gift certificate and a notecard containing information on how to use it. Walk around the shoe store and decide which pair you’d like most. You can choose anything from the entire shoes and boots range. Any pair that you want!

Follow the instructions in the notecard. They’re very easy and tell you exactly what to do. Then sit back and wait for your gorgeous free shoes! They will arrive in a box called Adam n Eve FREE SHOES for [Your Avatar’s Name].

But don’t stop there! While you’re under 30 days old, get a free skin while you’re at it! Ladies need to head to the general skins section of the store, gents need to head to the men’s section. Just inside the door of each you’ll find pale pink signs near all the other general signs. Click the pink sign for your gender, and as along as you’re less than 30 days old, you’ll get a new skin.

UPDATE (19 Dec 2008) – The newbie freebie skins are no longer available.

Guys skin sign:

Girls skin sign:

Now we go ladies-only. Girls, head to the Silks, Lingerie and Fetish section, turn right as you go in, and you’ll find a pretty free Valentine’s cami set:

Going into the Gowns section, there’s a gorgeous free Romantica golden gown:

In the Boutique section you’ll find a ‘free gift’ sign that contains the Polka Black Catwalk Collection (make sure you click the sign itself, not the large sign for the dress below it; the large sign is for a demo of the dress it advertises).

Finally, head into the hair section and just inside the door on the left there’s a free fatpack of Jewel hair, which comes in 30 colours. This is actually a colour sampler so that people can see what colours Adam n Eve offer their hair in, but Damen and Sachi have generously given it as a full fatpack of hair, rather than disabling it with big ‘DEMO’ bands and boxes.

Finally, the ‘picks’ offer. If you add the store to your picks (click the signs around the store for more info) then you will receive TWO gorgeous free pairs of shoes (one male, one female). Yes, guys and girls, here’s your chance to get another great pair of designer shoes, and this offer applies to those OVER 30 days old, too! Check out the Adam n Eve blog for more info:

Don’t forget to check out the avatars in your Library folder, too. Adam n Eve put together several full avatars in there, and you can mix and match clothing, hair, skins, and shoes from those with your newbie freebie purchases, too.


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  1. Thank you for such a great, well organised post and for getting the word out to new people for us!

    Comment by sachi Vixen | August 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. You’re very welcome, Sachi! And thank *you* for offering such great free items for newbies :)

    Comment by Mar | August 4, 2008 | Reply

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