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Inventory sorting: Update and a useful tip!

Today, it was the hair that had to go.

I know, I know. How could I get rid of all that lovely hair?! Well, you know what? I hardly wore any of it. I had fatpack after fatpack of hairstyles, and I maybe wore one colour out of the occasional one?

Hop behind the cut for my update, plus a useful tip to help you sort your inventory!

So it all went. OK, I added some 304 items to my inventory after today’s freebie session (but I got that down to 82 items after deleting all the extra stuff. And I’ve created a new method of dealing with all those landmarks that clutter up my map view. I might want to visit those places again, but when your map view looks like this

OMG, look at all those asterisks so the LMs hit the top of the list. I’ll never find anything in there!

So yeah, here’s my tip. Whenever you have a day of freebie shopping, create a new notecard with that day’s date on it. One by one, go through your purchases and drag the LMs onto the notecard. Write beneath them what you got there, and anything else you like. Drag the texture or snapshot of the item into the notecard, too, if the store provided one. Mine for today looks like this:

You can now safely delete the LMs in those folders. And, unless they’re important (such as skin licences, which even then, you only need one of per vendor) you can delete anything else: extra pose stands, bald bases when you already have loads, thank-you notecards, extra landmarks to the store’s other locations, hovering text scripts and suchlike. I do suggest you leave in the folder any snapshots or textures of the items that the store has provided, as a quick way of seeing exactly what the item is.

Bonus points if you create that notecard when you log on, and sort/throw/notate as you go through your day in SL. Also, if you take any snapshots of stores or shopping areas, add those to the notecard. Get any important info notecards about the stores? Add those too. An extra thing to include is, if you saw the item on a blog post, include the URL of that post, because it might contain other useful info.

ETA: If you can’t drag a texture or (rarely) a landmark into a notecard, it’s because it doesn’t have full permissions. While I’ve only ever seen permissions altered on a landmark once, I’ve seen it on a lot of textures. So if that picture showing you what’s in the folder you’ve acquired won’t go into your notecard, check the permissions; it’s likely either no copy, no modify, or both. If that’s the case, then you can’t put it into the notecard.

So… after archiving and chucking out all of that hair (there’s still a bit to sort through in that folder, but not much now) how is Mar’s inventory doing?

Well you won’t believe this. Yesterday her inventory stood at 24,990 items. I added 304, then reduced that to 82 (I know! All of that was the extra bits that I deleted from the folder, and only saved the LMs in the notecard for: 222 extra bits! See how easy it is for your inventory to fill up?) So that makes her inventory total before I started chucking the hair: 25,072.

Here’s a screenshot of a somewhat exhausted Mar eyeing her new inventory total:

19,400 items. That means I threw out 5672 items of hair.

I’m gobsmacked. And tomorrow = textures. (That should bring it down by another 10K…)


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  3. I love the note card tip for LM’s. I never thought of that!!

    I need to get my 40k inventory down, I have waaay too much.

    Great tips x

    Comment by Fay | September 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks, Fay :) Inventory-sorting is a never-ending job. If you let things slack off then before you know it you’re back to where you started!

      Comment by Mar | September 7, 2010 | Reply

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