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Silent Sparrow freebies for newbies!

As well as the three gorgeous free outfits she has at The Gnubie Store, Hyasynth Tiramisu of Silent Sparrow has put out in her own store a freebie for new avatars less than 30 days old. This was an older group gift, and I can tell you that it’s stunning. I can also tell you to RUN over there and grab it! Silent Sparrow outfits are some of the most beautiful hand-drawn clothing in Second Life, and you want this!

(Screenshot taken at Discord North. Jeans are free from Evocative Free Designs.)

Hop behind the cut!

Head over to Silent Sparrow and walk south into the main store. You’ll see a pool of water, and hovering above that water is a small box. Inside the box is the Bloody Murder outfit. You can only get this outfit if your avatar is less than 30 days old, so hurry!

The pool is also where Hyasynth places her group gifts. To join the group, head back into the reception area and walk over to the desk. On the wall above it (give it time to rez) you’ll see a group join notice. Click it, and be patient. Your invite might take a day or so, but the group gifts will still be there.

Once you have your invite, enable the group tag (~twittery bird~) and head back to the store. Touch the group gift, and you’ll receive it. Currently, the main gift is the beautiful ‘Sylvan’ outfit.

Many of Silent Sparrow’s outfits are unisex, so I’m labelling this post for the guys, too.

SLurl to Silent Sparrow’s freebies at The Gnubie Store (three outfits available there) –


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