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Sim Freebie Walkaround: Wollstonecraft Place

Here we go, off on another Sim Freebie Walkaround. This time we’re getting Steamy, Edwardian, and Whovian in the rather bogglingly brilliant Wollstonecraft Place area of Maske sim. There is steampunky, urchiny, Dr Whovian goodness galore here, plenty of great freebies and some very clever twists to the build.

Hop behind the cut. Sensitive gentlemen of the age may wish to avert their eyes. Intelligent women lurk within, and they demand suffrage…

We begin at The Steamstress, where we find a cornucopia of free and reasonably-priced items of clothing. Turning right as we enter, we see upon the wall behind us some bargain items: saucy undies (steady on, gentlemen!), a Skypirate hat for ladies that wish to take to the skies, two jackets, and some warm longjohns – all for no cost to the purse at all. To the left are three pairs of workmens’ pants (25L$ each), and some hair (10L$).

On the pillar behind us is a free white shirt, and three waistcoats (10L$ for the set).

Here, we fall into a swoon on the couch as we espy the box containing the free ‘big fake dastardly tache’ and we hope that no bad men in top hats and cloaks will suddenly show up to tie us to the railway tracks!

Perambulating away from The Steamstress, we turn left (North) and find the Town Hall. On the steps is a free urchin pack. On the left wall is a vendor with five interesting free items in it (terrible plague-scarred skin among them). We must remember to head inside and read the noticeboard, and to touch the red vending machine for a small headache. Perhaps a drop of camphor is in order after that…

On the inside of the Town Hall door we find some free vendors for those who enjoy the adventures of a certain Gallifreyan Time Lord. Suffice to say, if you wish to own a Sonic Screwdriver, you have come to the right place. Whether it will help you to save the galaxy is quite another matter.

Perhaps the TARDIS hatstand is more to your taste?

Moving swiftly on, we continue heading left (East) and we examine the Urchin Food Franchyzes. Nothing free there, except perhaps a smile as we read the description of each item (click to read).

(Beside the flaming oildrum there’s the chance for some dumpster diving. Right-click on the dumpster and select ‘Grab!’ from the pie menu. (You might have to stand up afterwards, to get inside the dumpster, then click/grab again.))

Inside Miss Woyseck’s Tea Rooms we can sit in a genteel manner, enjoy a refreshing cup of tea and a slice of cake (click the plate and pot for each), or partake in a little light reading thanks to the free-to-copy books on the table. Edwardian gentlemen may not approve of the subject matter: female suffrage is supported in this area.

The candyfloss-pink establishment in the middle of the square is called Burando, and inside on the counter we find an intriguing Lolita Starter Pack for just 1L$.

We head down Brunel Road toward the sewers, but we stop before reaching the steps. Turning left at the pagoda, we walk down Langford Lane. Outside Woyseck & Paderborn (Est. 1892) ladies may chain themselves to the railings, in support of Mrs Pankhurst and our other brave sisters fighting for suffrage. Within are a few comfortable seats and two free books available for our perusal.

Continuing down Langford Lane, we meet the junction of Barrowman Road. Here the sensitive gentleman may find a free… doily to protect himself from the horrors of womanhood. Also to be found is a collection of amusing advertisement textures.

Those with a penchant for the exciting adventures of Mr Holmes and Dr Watson may wish to avert their eyes upon chancing at the next establishment, for it contains images upon its walls of a sensual nature between our esteemed sleuth and his medical counterpoint. Upon the couch sits a free book of interest to those that did not turn aside at the aforementioned description…

Here we find a mysterious police call box sitting behind a wall.

I think all of Mar’s nuzzling isn’t going to be of much use. Perhaps the gentleman inside would care to visit the Holmes and Watson establishment instead…?

Now we must retrace our steps and head back to the pagoda. This time, we head down the steps (paying heed to the warning notices all around!) until we reach the streaming stench. Ugh. Nasty.

To our left is Paderborn’s Eclectic Devices. Inside we find all manner of modern conveniences, but behind the pillar there is a free box of useful scripts (alas, the free item vendor above it gives us a script error) and some interesting textures at reasonable prices (for the historical texture fiends among us).

At the end of the sewer (take care not to fall in!) we head into the brightness of R-R.

Whilst within, we try to decide which 30L$ space helmet we wish to wear whilst travelling with Mr Verne.

And we try the free ‘posh tiny chair’ (pose not for Tiny avs, but for Biggers instead!).

Perhaps, gentlemen, it is a good idea to steer your womenfolk away from Wollstonecraft Place. They may start getting ideas above their station…


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