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New hair, new look

Mar’s just been over to Maitreya to grab their freebie fatpack of ‘Aimee’ hair. Alas, the slinky stiletto shoes that Maitreya had out for the longest time are now gone, but in their place is this great hair pack. Aimee comes in 21 colours, and also contains a useful notecard with Windlight Environment Editor settings for lighting so you can always look your best *g*

I’ve paired the hair with Desert Moon Clothiers (DMC) smoked low-rise jeans for women (tucked version) (free), PushButton Industries’ ‘The Bricolage’ shirt (1L$), Katat0nik’s ‘Axis Mundi’ sculpted boots (1L$), and Yak & Yeti’s Tibetan Dzi stone necklace (free). Details and SLurls below.

Maitreya – Aimee hair (free)

DMC – Smoked low-rise jeans (free)

Katat0nik – Axis Mundi sculpted boots (1L$)

PushButton Industries – The Bricolage shirt (1L$) [No longer available at this price]

Yak & Yeti – Tibetan Dzi stone necklace (free)

Hop behind the cut for close-ups of the hair, plus more of the freebies available at The Block, where the DMC jeans come from!

First of all, close-ups of the Maitreya hair. Mar is wearing the walnut colour here:

There’s some lovely flexi detail around the bottom of this hair. definitely worth getting, ladies!

Loot is one of those tucked-away little places that are a real gem to find. Located in The Block, which is in Varado sim, it’s full of great, grungy free gear. Below is a nice, big screenshot, to help you find your way there. Look on the outskirts of the sim for the Caffeine cafe (it’s in one of the sim’s corners), and Loot is tucked away down the side of it:

Together with the DMC jeans (available in male and female versions, and both tucked and untucked in each pack) you’ll find the following (and a few more!)

Block Party t-shirts (two) and tanks (two). Listed as for guys and girls respectively, but the guy’s t-shirts look just as good! I’ve screencapped one of them here:

Civvies also has a free t-shirt available:

There’s a great thermal from Form, which comes on three layers:

As well as their free male and female smoked low-rise jeans, DMC also offers a free t-shirt, on two layers. Here’s the female version:

And here’s the male version:

ElecTRo Kitty offers these rather amazing boots:

And finally, GearShift offers this Reverb jacket, with prim hoodie attachment. This looks great on guys, but girls if you wear the smallest hood and make a few positioning adjustments, it’ll look great on you, too:

And that little lot is all the best price: FREE!


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