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The silently-delivered freebies

You have some new freebies in your inventory that were delivered by stealth. You didn’t know they arrived, and you’re about to be pleasantly surprised.

Open up your inventory library folder. Yep, the one you probably never touch. The one with all the Linden-created stuff in it. Now open the clothing folder inside that one.

Yes, new library avatars. Note the creator’s names: some of the biggest designer names in Second Life. And what’s more… those avatars have PRIM HAIR. PRIM SHOES! GOOD SKINS! All of which can be mixed and matched with other library items and store-bought items in-world.

Nope, I can’t believe it too, but it’s a great move from Linden Lab. They’ve teamed up with some big-name designers in-world, from Renegade Clothing, Adam & Eve, Nylon Pinkney, Wraith Unsung, and Grendel’s Children, to bring everyone 16 new avatars that every resident will have in their library folder from scratch.

I’m so pleased about this! Hop behind the cut for screenshots.

Boy Next Door, by Renegade Clothing:

Girl Next Door, by Renegade Clothing:

Gamer Girl, by Renegade Clothing:

Musician Female, by Renegade Clothing:

Musician Male, by Renegade Clothing:

Clubgoer Female, by Nylon Outfitters:

Musician Male, by Nylon Outfitters:

Gamer Girl, by Nylon Outfitters:

Gamer Guy, by Nylon Outfitters:

Clubgoer Male, by Adam & Eve:

Girl Next Door, by Adam & Eve:

Professional Female, by Adam & Eve:

Professional Male, by Adam & Eve and Nylon Outfitters:

Cardboard Boxbot, by Grendel’s Children (my apologies there, as the skin didn’t rez thanks to SL glitchiness, thus some dark parts of the previous skin were showing, I think):

Dragonlet, by Grendel’s Children:

Gamer Male, by Wraith Unsung:


June 7, 2008 - Posted by | avatars, freebies, newbies, second life |


  1. […] Library folder, created by some of Second Life’s top designers. I’ve blogged about them here, but you can mix and match from there as well. There are shapes, skins, hair, shoes and clothing […]

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  2. It took me weeks to discover these, buried deep in the library. I’ve played with the blue dragonlet, but had assumed it was a freebie picked up somewhere. Same with the box. I was totally floored when I discovered the other AVs, especially as the skins are very nice.

    The medieval male ended up with his cape stuck to his arm, but I eventually got it placed correctly, and although I’m female I’d consider going out in public in these (well, most of them, but with further adjustments).

    I was highly amused to see the “package” adjustment slider on the male shapes. I suppose this makes up for the “gravity” adjustment on the female side? LOL!

    Comment by Lelani Carver | July 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. I think you’ve got that right about the package adjuster, Lelani. We girls get to boost our cleavage, while the boys get to boost their ego ;)

    Comment by Mar | July 21, 2008 | Reply

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