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The fast-track guide to non-newbieness for girls (2 of 3)

In the first post of this series (here) I sent you whizzing around the grid to gather everything you needed to get rid of those newbie looks as quickly as you can. No doubt your inventory is absolutely heaving right now, because I’ll bet you didn’t limit yourself to just what I told you to grab, eh?

*grins* Thought not. You can sort through all that lot later. For now, I’m going to show you how I took Roxie from rough to rawr in less than an hour.

This way, if you please…

OK, presuming you’ve found a place to get changed (again, I recommend The Pink House, at 100Limite, which is ladies-only) then you need a posing stand first of all. The Pink House has a few inside, but if they’re all being used, you’re bound to have acquired one in all those heaving bags of shopping that are making your virtual arms resemble those of an orangutan. Search your inventory for POSING and you’ll see at least one come up. Click on it, hold down the mouse button, and drag it onto the floor. Your posing stand will appear. Right-click on it, and select Stand from the pie menu, and you’ll assume a star jump pose. Yes, it looks a bit silly, but in this position your avatar won’t keep turning her head around all the time when you want her to stay still!

Yeah, Roxie didn’t stop at just what I told her to grab either… Oh boy, we’ll be having some fun sorting that little lot:

OK, first, let’s get some curves going. I’ve found the Opium Skin pack that I got in The Free Dove. Inside it is the free Centerfold shape. I’m going to right-click on it and select Wear:

On the left is the default female shape that Roxie was ‘born’ with. On the right is the Centerfold shape. The differences are subtle, but she’s definitely more curvy, and not so tall:

Next up is the skin, and I chose the SF° skin by Eloh Eliot, that I got in The Gnubie Store. On the left is Roxie with her new face shape, but the default skin (and oh God, it looks truly AWFUL!) and on the right is the new face shape with the Eloh skin. MUCH better!

Edit: A little note here, since I’m seeing search terms bringing people to this blog post, where they’re wondering how to take off a skin. You can’t actually take off your skin (or your shape). What you have to do is replace it with another skin (or shape).

OK, next, let’s get that horrible ‘grown’ hair off. There’s a trick to this. Before you can put nice prim hair onto your avatar, you need to get rid of the grown hair. Just about every hair creator in Second Life will put what’s called a ‘bald base’ in with their creations, so just wear one of those. You might get a bit of a shock when you first see your very bald self, but if you don’t wear that bald base, then your grown hair will poke through your prim hair and look pretty messy. Any of the bald bases will do: they all do the same thing. I’m using one of the bases from the Calla hair pack, from FabFree:

And here’s a very bald Roxie! Actually, the lack of hair now shows up what a lovely face the Centerfold shape has, and what a beautiful skin Eloh had created there:

Right. Let’s put some hair back on the poor girl. Red Run is a great fit for most heads, and rarely needs adjusting, so Roxie’s going to wear that:

Already that’s one heck of an improvement! Next up, put some new peepers in. The House of Zen eyes are perfect. I chose the green 5 pair. On the left are the default eyes, on the right are the House of Zen eyes. No contest as to which pair looks better:

(I took that screenshot while wearing some of the Calla hair, in brunette. Later I decided that Roxie would make a great redhead *g*)

Next, we’ll get some nice clothes on here. Remember the sweater and jeans pack I got in The Gnubie Store?

First of all we put on the jeans, but uh-oh. Roxie’s knickers are showing above the waistband!

Gotta get rid of those, and a quick tip to find out exactly what you’re wearing at that moment is to search for (WORN (including that opening bracket). From there you can see the panties, so right-click and select Take Off. Much better without them. Now Roxie’s not doing a Marky Mark…

Next, since Roxie’s hair is red, I chose the red sweater from the same outfit set, and put that on. But something’s not right here:

This is where I tell you about layers. The purple top is on a shirt layer, and the sweater is on a jacket layer. As in real life, jackets go over the top of shirts, so unless you take off the shirt it’s going to show under the jacket. As before, search for (WORN and remove the shirt:

OK. You know what else we really have to do something about? Those shoes. Ugh. Get em off. You should know by now how to find out what you’re wearing, and take them off…

Let’s find the Elise2 heels that we got from FabFree. As with the bald base for hair, prim shoes have shoe shapers that contort your feet into horrible shapes, so your shoes don’t look wrong. So first of all, we have to wear the shoe shaper:

After that, we put on the two shoes, and here’s another uh-oh:

Definitely a case of the Ugly Sisters there. But did you read what was written by the shoe shaper in your inventory? All women’s shoes in Second Life are made to fit a foot size zero. So you now need to hop off your posing stand for a minute, right-click on yourself and select Edit Appearance. Under ‘Shape’ go into ‘Legs’ and scroll all the way down to the bottom: ‘Foot size’:

Set the slider to zero, and click Save, then close the Edit Appearance window. Your shoes now fit perfectly:

The finishing touch to any outfit is always jewellery, and I have just the thing for this outfit: a necklace from Fallingwater Cellardoor, which I got at The Gnubie Store. Note that this necklace is on an underwear layer, so it will be worn beneath the sweater (which is on the jacket layer). If Roxie was wearing a shirt, the underwear layer necklace would be beneath that, too. You can see from the icon that the necklace is also offered on a jacket layer, in case you wanted to wear it over a top that’s on the underwear or shirt layers:

And here it is. Very pretty!

OK, now onto the fine details. You need to get rid of that awful, waddling duck walk. Find the Jill In A Box pack that you got from FabFree, and scroll down it until you see the Female Walk Override. Right-click and wear it. You won’t see it anywhere, but just try walking again. Now there’s a wiggle!

Next up is the radar, which will allow you to see who is within chat range of you. if someone is within chat range, they can see anything you type into the main chat window. Everyone out of chat range can’t see it. This time, you might want to position the radar. I like to have mine at the bottom-right of my screen, so a quick glance over there tells me who’s nearby. Right-click on the radar and mouseover Attach to HUD, then mouse across from that and click Bottom Right:

You’ll see it rezzing just above your media tools on the bottom-right of your SL client:

There’s nobody near Roxie at the moment, but look what happens when I take her to somewhere busier (a sandbox, in this case):

Everyone above that ==CHAT RANGE== line can’t see what I type in the chat window. Everyone below it can see. And I can also see what they’re typing.

NOTE: If you’re in an area that has scripts disabled, your radar will not work, or may seem ‘stuck’ with the same names as the previous area you were in. As soon as you enter a script-enabled area again, it will begin working again, or come unstuck.

OK, that’s this post almost done and dusted! Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you how to create an animation override using a ZHAO, which will put your avatar through the standing and flight poses that you got from ANIMAH, at FabFree. You can find that post here.

One final word here, and that word is: individuality. You will have picked up lots of skins, shapes, hair, shoes and clothes on your travels, even in this short a time. Your inventory is your virtual wardrobe or closet, and just as you would rummage through the real life version to put a look together, so you should rummage through the Second Life version. Now is the time to find your individual SL style! And don’t limit yourself to wearing the whole contents of a folder (unless that’s the look you’re aiming for on a particular day). Got a lovely long formal dress in that inventory? The top of it might look good with a pair of jeans. The long glitch pants might work well as a pair of leggings under a long sweater dress. Mix and match and see what you come up with!


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