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The low-lag avatar

I’ve just been to Bewitched Hair, buying the contents of 12 trees (no laughing about getting a purseful of leaves at the back there!) for their Earth Day hunt (which, due to SL problems, was only just announced). As with all hunts at places as popular as Bewitched Hair, the sim was very busy. I got there within minutes of the group notice going out, and already there were 29 people in the sim, which is pushing the limits of how many it can contain.

Normally, wearing all my clothes, hair, AO, and other bits and bobs, walking or flying around a place as busy as that would be like trying to wade through molasses, but of great help in busy situations is the FREE low-lag avatar, from Shapes By Zada.

No, it doesn’t look pretty, but it does the job. It doesn’t cut lag completely (hell, there’s always enough poufy hair, poufy dresses, bling, AOs galore and other bumph at major stores to mean lag will NEVER completely go away when you use this avatar) but it really does help. (And guys, there’s a male shape in there, too!)

I’ve created a new group tag in Del Mar Updates, for when Mar’s wearing this avatar. It says simply: Low Lag Avatar! And in her picks there’s a section about it with a TP to Shapes By Zada. That pick reads thus:

Spotted me wandering around looking rather strange? If you see me looking completely black from head to toe, and sporting a ‘low-lag avatar!’ title, then that’s what I’m wearing: the low-lag shopping avatar, from Shapes By Zada. This avie is free (check out the TP on this pick) and is ultra low-lag. Useful for busy areas, treasure hunts, and other high-lag situations!

Get the low-lag avatar from the freebie wall at Shapes By Zada.


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