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Free Speerit, free hair

Thanks to Cherlindrea of the FabFree blog for this: Mewf Demina, designer for Free Speerit, is leaving Second Life, and has placed all of her hair at the store out for free. Take the TP to Free Speerit (in case it drops you elsewhere, Free Speerit is the black and pink store in the area) and head inside to the left. All the hair is on the North wall, and every pack (even the fatpacks) is free. Ignore the prices on the adverts: it’s definitely free.

I’ve no idea how long it will be there, so head over as soon as you can. The store was quite busy when I was just there.

Hop behind the cut, where Mar models one colour from each style.

The hair is all modifiable, so don’t be afraid to edit it if you find strands poking through your face or little bald bits showing. Just right-click on the hair and select ‘edit’ from the pie menu, then check the ‘edit linked parts’ box, and click on each individual lock of hair that you want to adjust.

First up, we have Ally, in Cookiedough. A nice, gamine crop:

Next up is Dee, in Autumn. This has a lovely Audrey Hepburnesque front, and each set comes with a cute fluffy scrunchie:

(At this point, somehow, Mar’s facelight came off, so the next pic is rather dark. Apologies for that!)

This is Elise, in Sangria. Two views of this: one from the front:

And one from the back showing the lovely hair clip detail:

This is Jezebel, in Platinum. Lovely knots at the back of this:

This is the gorgeous Lyrlia, in Licorice. I think this one suits Mar, with her love of black *g*

Patricia, in Mahogany is a lovely mussed, bedhead style:

For those of you trapped in incredibly high towers without doors or stairs, this is Rapunzel, in Fudge. I’m giving you three views of this. First up, a general one, to show the style and the lovely braiding:

Next… well given the name you might guess this is a LONG hairstyle!

Finally, a close-up on the oh-so-pretty fringe (which I believe those of you in the US call ‘bangs’, which in turn is a source of many giggles for us Brits, because ‘bang’ means something quite different to us *g*):

Finally, this is Zuzu, in Silver. Again, two views. One for the general style:

And one for the length. Not as long as Rapunzel, but still a nice long style:

Each of these styles comes in four colour packs (Blondes, Brunettes, Monochromes, Reds) and two fatpacks (Natural and Wacky).


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