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Decollage your decollete

OK, that was a terrible headline, and I do apologise for it *g*

Decollage, in Caribe sim, has put seven t-shirts in a pink vendor down to L$1 in the store, and they’re cute as all hell. Mar bought a few of them, then took a gander around the rest of the little store.

I’m planning on doing a sim freebie walkaround in Caribe very soon, as it’s one of my favourite sims to visit. Meanwhile though, since I’ve not posted in a couple of days, hop behind the cut for a selection of Decollage goodies.

The L$1 t-shirts can be found in the pink vendor to your right as you enter the store. Here are the three that Mar bought. The designs are cute and quirky.

This is Life Cycle:

Here is Deer Rainbows:

And finally, this is Safety Pin In My Heart:

Outside the store, partially buried in the sand (you can see it on the first screenshot up there) is a blue-green box. Inside that are some great freebies. First up, a fatpack of 14 daisy headbands in various colours. Here, Mar’s wearing the ‘hot hot pink’ one:

Also inside the box is a fatpack of 8 headscarves, one of which is tintable. Here, Mar’s wearing the ‘pink fluer’ one (no, not my typo! *g*). These have a nice pair of flexiprim ties at the back that move when you walk:

Lastly in the freebies box, you can get your Madonna on with this Kabbalah yarn:

Here are a few screenshots of other items that caught my eye in the store. Not all are cheapies, but the prices are very good, nonetheless. I’ve kept the hovering text in where I could, but where it doesn’t show, I will give the prices in my descriptions.

Outside the store we have Decollage’s tribute to Anya Hindmarch’s “I am not a plastic bag” totes that caused such a ruckus in supermarkets when they were released. Limited editions in real life, they had people queuing and squabbling, and paying ridiculous prices on eBay for them. In-world, though, you can own one in any of these colours, each with three different types of hold pose, for L$75:

I was tempted to buy this beret, at only L$10, but Mar’s hair at the moment would look weird poking through it!

Fun sunnies at L$35 (I think you get all three pairs for that) –

Great idea for a touristy t-shirt!

Hey, look! We found Nemo! (OK, that was cruel. I’m sorry!)

Loved the design on this tee:

Finally, look cool and pretend you’re getting fit for the summer in this three-pack of jogging jackets *g*


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