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More inventory sorting

A little tip for those that go on treasure hunts: sort thy inventory!

I just opened up my main Map window, to try and find a place to teleport to, and I boggled as I realised I had about 25 LMs, all going to the same place. A quick scroll showed several instances of this, and I realised that – after half a dozen treasure hunts of late – it was about time I cleared my inventory of extraneous and duplicate landmarks and notecards. You know the kind of thing: the same LM and info notecard that is put into every single prize in a gridwide treasure hunt.

Then I got stuck into the other LMs and notecards (again duplicates) that I had received when grabbing multiple boxes of freebies from vendors.

One and a half hours later and my inventory is 939 items lighter. Let that be a reminder to you (and to me!) to sort that inventory more often.

939! Sheesh!

Edit: Okay, I broke the 1K barrier because I’ve also just deleted all of the hovering text scripts in my inventory. If I want a hovering text script, I can write one myself. They’re really easy, especially if you follow Torley’s video tutorial: Fun with floating text.

Total unwanted items now deleted = 1109.


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