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Red Stick hunt

Just a quick blogpost about the Red Stick International Animation hunt, which is going on grid-wide right now. The hunt runs until April 20th and you have to find lots of red sticks all over the Second Life grid. Some of them are easy to find, some are devilishly hard. Some are large-sized and some have been sized down. As with St Patrick’s Day hunt prizes often being green, so the Red Stick prizes are often (but not always!) red.

Head to Granymyr for your starting point. Wait for the area to rez, then head down to the stage in the main Red Stick area. Click the kiosk there (the one with the red stick man beside it) for a notecard containing LMs to all the locations.

A few pointers: some of these sticks are extremely well-hidden. You will never have noticed how much RED there is in many stores until now *g* Red signs and red colours ON signs is a good place to check out for sticks, by the way… You’ll be making good use of your camera controls for this hunt!

A few of the store owners have been crafty and hidden one or two of their red sticks on the hunt signs themselves in their stores, so make sure you check those, too. Some of the sticks are lying out in full view, others are partially-buried.

Sometimes the notecard LM will be for a store, but it’s the mall surrounding the store (usually owned by that store) that holds the sticks. Several of us spent a fruitless hour or so searching one store yesterday, only to find out that the sticks weren’t in that store; instead they were in the mall around it (which was owned by the store’s owner).

Team up with other hunters. You’ll probably find yourself bumping into other people searching for the sticks, and the old adage holds true about many hands making light work. More pairs of eyes means faster findings!

Alas, a few of the sticks don’t work. This isn’t Second Life glitchiness, either. I’ve right-click-edited those sticks and they’re not set to either buy for L$0 or touch-grab. They just don’t work! The two I’ve found so far are: one in Tuli, and one in Hairspray.

Lastly, have fun!


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