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I haven’t done one of these random screenshots posts for quite a while, so on rummaging through the folders on my PC, I thought I’d crop and upload a few for your enjoyment. Behind the cut you’ll find a selection of oddities, pretties, stuff that I thought was interesting or weird, or just downright fun.

I’m not logged right now, so alas I can’t give you SLurls. If you want to visit any of these places, a search in-world should bring them up, or else just leave a comment and I’ll dig up the SLurl when I next log Mar.

We begin at All Dolled Up, where Mar went to look for the L$1 doll avatar and ended up meeting the Easter Bunny:

On the Red Stick hunt, she spotted these cute bunnies at Le Zoo:

Couch koalas are in at Twisted Rose, again spotted on the Red Stick hunt:

Hellcat Designs has these great bags. I can’t quite remember the price, but I think it was something like L$20 or L$25. Mar bought the Frida Kahlo one:

At BuddhaBeats on the Ohana Isle hunt, Mar chilled out for a while beneath a statue of the Buddha:

And it was here that I took a nice snapshot of her that’s serving as her current in-world profile picture:

Close by BuddhaBeats is this amazing cave:

You can walk inside, but watch out for the smoke if you do!

I made a note of the SLurl of the place where that cave was made (and sold), so I could check it (and others like it) out in more detail later, but I don’t have the name of the store. The SLurl is:

Mar settles back in Club 33 on the summit of Mount Wannahawkaloogie on Ohana Isle and watches as the volcano begins to steam. It erupts every hour, on the hour:

The steam turns to fire…

And then… BOOM!

It looks just as impressive during the day. I almost yelled at that av to watch out for falling lava bombs!

Cute piglets, spotted on the Red Stick hunt, at Bailers:

And your landing point at the very first location on the Red Stick hunt is on the tracks, right in front of a train. Eek!

An avatar moment up next, and that’s some darn good willpower holding that top in exactly the right place…

And finally, Mar got home one day only to find she had no home. EEK! Where’d it go?

Not to worry. The region was just temporarily unavailable. She was standing on the edge of the next region and looking across at her non-existent home.


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