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Ohana Isle hunt prizes

Further to my post yesterday about the April treasure hunt at Ohana Isle, here are a few screencaps I took today of some of the prizes. I focused mainly on the wearable stuff: the clothes, shoes, and jewellery. If I get time tomorrow, I’ll try to take some more caps of other items that I found.

Hop behind the cut for pictures!

We begin with a touch of the Willy Wonkas. “Everybody has had one, and one is enough for everybody.” Eolande has created the Everlasting Gobstopper earring set, and it’s just awesome:

She has also, to my utter glee, given me a taste of summer (and Wimbledon already!) with her strawberry necklaces. Happy strawberry comes in silver:

And gold:

And my favourite – emo. Emostrawb! Love it!

Eolande has also been on a piratical kick lately, with some great Captain Jack Sparrow-inspired pirate hair beads, and she continues that theme with this Piece of Eight necklace for the guys (well Mar loves it, too, so there!):

Moooooving on, The HUB had this gloriously bright (and, uh, rather revealing – Mar’s glad she had a Brazilian recently *cough*) bikini:

Orchid Dreams offers these lovely sculpted Sasa wedge shoes:

Primary has this white plastic necklace and earrings set (also a bangle, which I didn’t get in the screenshot):

Gridlife’s prizes include these cute spring jammies, and a pair of fluffy slippers (which didn’t work well against the background, so I left those out of the screenshot):

Punk Shack offers this ‘Nuge’ set. The hat made me feel like Boy George, and I love the tee:

They also have other tees, namely ‘Shot’:

And ‘Sunshine’:

Harbor’s prizes include these fabulous skull and dragon back and arm tattoos:

As well as this yellow flower tattoo (on an underpants layer):

Finally for now, HIG’s offers this rather amazing Spring Flower skin and… attachments. I paired them with Diversity Hair’s dollarbie ‘Kiki’ in raspberry:

Looks like Mar had better watch out for any late frosts, eh? ;)


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful comments!

    Comment by Harbor | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. You’re very welcome, Harbor. I love the tattoos! :)

    Comment by Mar | April 16, 2008 | Reply

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