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New Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt

Ohana Isle has opened up its April treasure hunt, and the theme is Spring. To that end, you have to find 45 little silvery-white springs scattered throughout the whole sim. This hunt is different from their other ones, in that when you arrive and click the hunt information board, you’ll be given a map of the area and a notecard that tells you how many springs can be found in each area. This hunt runs from April 11th to April 20th.

A little tip I’ll pass on for hunts like this, where each find is numbered: get a piece of paper and number it, in this case from 1-45, and when you find each item, cross that number off your list. That way, when you’re on your third round of the area, you can see which numbers you still need to get, and you won’t double up on items you’ve already found.

Here’s what you’re looking for at Ohana Isle:

Edit: Wheee! I got the lot! Although, I have to admit the last one drove me buggy, trying to find it. Bless the person (*g* you know who you are) who helped me to find it. I’ve been here all day, and it’s getting late here in the UK, so I’ll open everything and have a screenshot session tomorrow, to show you a few of the items I got :)


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