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Sim freebie walkaround: Mischief Cove

This post was blighted by a huge number of crashes, so it took me almost all day to complete. Highly frustrating, but I am nothing if not dedicated *g* I would have taken more screenshots, but I suffered a total of 19 crashes while making this, so just staying logged and finding the freebies was difficult enough, let alone remembering to screencap them all!

Today I’m doing a sim freebie walkaround (including dollarbies, of course, which are just as good as freebies!). What does this entail? Well, I take a walk around a specific sim and screencap and link you to all of the freebies and dollarbies that I find there. I try to pick interesting sims, rather than just mega-malls: sims that have a great build with lots of fun stuff to look at, poseballs to try out (useful for taking screencaps/snapshots) and maybe even some free-to-copy items lying around.

Today’s sim freebie walkaround is at Mischief Cove, which is home to some great stores that you might have heard of.

Hop behind the cut for instructions, directions, and piccies!

OK, we land in a nice central point, on a wide piece of decking. If you look around, you can see that Mischief Cove is a gorgeous build set right on the shore. The stores are laid out around a harbour, and there are a lot of fun things to look at, discover, do, and grab here.

First of all, where you have landed. There is a free-to-copy book on the cafe table that has a fun animation (just right-click, select More, then Take Copy).There is camping in this area, also, in the form of a hot dog vending cart, and a guitar-playing busker. There’s also a coffee cart, and clicking on the green coffee machine in the middle of it will offer you a ‘wearable’ of either coffee or an espresso. Nice, if you want to sit down for a breather and a shot of caffeine *g*

Once you’re done exploring the central area, head to the NorthEast and into the store at the very end: Punch Drunk. At the back of the store is something to satisfy any sweet tooth: a 1L cake ring:

The subscribe-o-matic promises “lots of updates and freebies” and the clothes look great, so it’s worth joining. Don’t forget, touching a subscribe-o-matic to join a group doesn’t take up one of your precious 25 group slots, so if you find one in a store that you like, make sure you give it a click!

Exiting the store, just turn to your left and note this rather icky, but brilliant bit of detail: the hanging shark. Ew!

You’ll also find outside Punch Drunk a vendor for the latest issues of Second Style magazine, and two that will take you to webpages: one goes to Shopping Cart Disco, the other goes to Linden Lifestyles.

Walking past the next store (Gracies) we go into Ingenue, where there’s a box on the floor just inside the window. Inside it is a cute cherry pin and a landmark to Ingenue’s main store. The pin is a freebie (just click the sign) and Ingenue’s clothing line has a lovely retro feel to it: mainly 1940s. The fancy pink couch inside the window has a fun ‘swooning woman and concerned lover’ set of poseballs, so try them out!

Walk past the steps of Sumire and EnvYou, and the next store that you come to is On gold shelves at the back of the store you’ll find a 1L box of freebies, and (at the time of writing this) there’s still a random Easter egg hunt egg balanced on a sideboard to the right. The egg is free (just click it) and inside it there’s an outfit called Penny. The green couch in the centre of the store has a nice ‘lounging’ poseball (alas, the rug beneath it vanishes under invisiprims, so you might find your shoe heels causing blank spots). currently has a 50% off sale sign outside the door, so if you like their items, take a look!

The next store you come to, set in the corner, is Icing, and there are some gorgeous freebies here, so make sure you grab them! Icing’s designs are very retro in feel, and you want to head directly into the far corner of the store, where the Freebies closet is located. Inside it you’ll find three free dresses hanging up, a free pearl bracelet, a free pair of colour-changing wedge sandals, a free ankle bracelet, the Jack and Jill in a box newbie starter kits, and a free goodie bag containing some nice shapes, skins and hair. There are also two sets of couches and chairs in the store, all with nice seated poseballs. Clicking on the teapot that’s on one of the tables will give you a wearable cup of tea.

Moving along past Nyte n’ Day and Hairapy, we head into Sideshow. No freebies here, but there’s a couch with a couple of nice poseballs, and a magazine sitting on it. Clicking it turns the pages, but you don’t get a copy to read, so you’ll have to mouselook in or Alt-zoom to read it.

The next store is Mischief and Tickled Pink, but pause for a moment outside if you want a camping opportunity. There’s a booth on the corner where you can play at being Madame ZsaZsa and tell fortunes *g* No freebies inside the store, but on the table there is a 1L box of hair colour demos, if you want to try out the hair on offer.

The next store is Versteck. Again, no freebies in here, but check it out anyway. The prices are very good (most outfits seem to be roughly 25L$ each) so we could call them ‘lowbies’. There’s a very cute 25L Dorothy outfit (yes, from The Wizard of Oz) and it includes a basket and a carry-able Toto. I couldn’t resist! And guys, just inside the door, on your right, there’s a selection of male items, too. Again, they’re well-priced, at 25L$ each.

Walk past Mimikri, Pixelated Petals, Fivestar, and The HUB, and inside Ivalde there’s a chair and footstool with a fun laid-back poseball.

At this point, after about 16 crashes, I had to set my graphics options to ‘low’, which (despite being on a very powerful PC) seemed to help a little. Hence any screenshots from hereon in will be basic and not as pretty as my usual ones.

Inside the next store – Storm Schmooz – you’ll find a 1L footwear demo and some leather seats with poseballs.

Keep walking down the steps and onto the sand. Just past the lifeguard tower on your left are some chairs and a beach towel, all with poseballs. Again, photo fun!

Follow the plank path in the sand, and you’ll arrive at the gorgeous Mischief Bazaar. This is set out like a camp of Arabian tents, and looks fabulous. There are poseballs galore, all over the place. Try out the hammock on your left as you enter the bazaar!

In the Salvia tent (on your right as you enter) you’ll find three freebie t-shirts (lucky, hummingbird, and free love) and also some other lowbie tees. The ‘forgiveness’ kanji tee on the wall is currently set at 2L$.

The green Oberon’s Trick tent (to your right) has a box of two free poses just inside and on the left.

In the Sugarcube tent (on your left) there’s a free blue ‘pedicel’ skirt on the wall at the back. And in the middle of the area right here is a cushion in front of a shisha pipe, so settle yourself down for a few puffs of relaxation *g* Just behind that, and past the fire, is a rug with poseballs, too, and beyond that are some great lounging couches and seats:

Finally, at the very end of the bazaar, Eolande has a tent, and inside it you’ll find a free sample of her Hibiscus hair stick.


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  1. I have a grudge against Michief Cove – they have a building school there, but the teachers aren’t allowed to hand out student notes after classes. Pretty much every other school leaves it up to the individual teacher whether or not to provide student notes. Copying and pasting the class chat to a notecard and editing it for clarity is a pain in the butkiss.

    I’ve talked to the owner of the school and she is sympathetic, but won’t reverse the policy. Seems that once a student took the notes and started teaching the class as his own. Okay, I understand how that would generate -very- bad feelings, since many people teach in SL for pay. But why do they have to take it out on everybody?

    Comment by Firebird | May 6, 2009 | Reply

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