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Sim freebie walkaround: Mischief Cove

This post was blighted by a huge number of crashes, so it took me almost all day to complete. Highly frustrating, but I am nothing if not dedicated *g* I would have taken more screenshots, but I suffered a total of 19 crashes while making this, so just staying logged and finding the freebies was difficult enough, let alone remembering to screencap them all!

Today I’m doing a sim freebie walkaround (including dollarbies, of course, which are just as good as freebies!). What does this entail? Well, I take a walk around a specific sim and screencap and link you to all of the freebies and dollarbies that I find there. I try to pick interesting sims, rather than just mega-malls: sims that have a great build with lots of fun stuff to look at, poseballs to try out (useful for taking screencaps/snapshots) and maybe even some free-to-copy items lying around.

Today’s sim freebie walkaround is at Mischief Cove, which is home to some great stores that you might have heard of.

Hop behind the cut for instructions, directions, and piccies!

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Well, I was going to post a sim walkaround today, but the Second Life client (all of them!) had other ideas. Ten crashes in as many minutes. I’m using the new Release Client (which is the only one you can use right now, since trying to login with the ‘main viewer’ just prompts you to upgrade… to the Release Client!)

Crash 1 – Wearing an item I had just created.

Crash 2 – On teleport.

Crash 3 – Standing and doing nothing.

Crash 4 – Immediately on relog.

Crash 5 – Immediately on relog.

Crash 6 – On using camera controls to pull back my viewpoint just slightly.

Crash 7 – Immediately on relog.

Crash 8 – On trying to launch the Dazzle First Look viewer instead.

Crash 9 – Immediately on relog in Dazzle.

Crash 10 – On relog with Release Client.

Finally, setting my login point to Home, rather than Last Location, I got in, but all of my settings had reverted to default, and I had those awful ‘tutorial’ popups (“You have just opened your inventory!” Yes, I know I did. That’s because I clicked the ‘Inventory’ button, arseface!). My cache was also cleared (and when your cache is some 25,000 items heavy, that takes a loooooong time to reload).

Maybe it was the area I was in, because as soon as I set my login point to Home, I was fine, whereas whenever I tried to login to Last Location, I crashed big-time. *sigh* That sim walkaround was a good one, too! I’ll save it for later, when hopefully I won’t keep getting booted.

Edit: Well I found the reason for my crashes. My version of the Release Client had become corrupted. *sigh* No wonder it wouldn’t let me stay logged for more than a few minutes at a time!

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