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Dollarbie skins at SYD

This is the second in my series of ‘series’ posts *g* Like the Dollarbies at ETD post, this focuses on one specific store: in this case, Style Your Destiny, at Granymyr.

Style Your Destiny is a great place for good-quality, easy-on-the-wallet clothes and skins. Together with LaynieWear, SYD has created some fab newbie-affordable items, and among those are SYD’s dollarbie skins. At the time of writing this post there are some twelve dollarbie skins for women (sold as separates and not as part of a shape/skin package) and two for men.

Hop behind the cut for screenshots of the women’s skins (plus a screenshot of the wall ads for the male skins and a couple of others that I didn’t grab to model for this post).

First, of course, it helps to know where the skins are located! When you rez in the entrance of the store, look toward the left side of the back wall. You’ll find the majority of the dollarbie skins there. I’ll deal with those ones first:

First up we have the ‘barley’ skin:

The ‘copper’ skin comes with a bindi:

…and without:

Here we have the ‘cornsilk’ skin:

And this is the ‘fairy’ skin:

Next up is ‘fallow’:

Followed by the ‘Goth’ skin:

This is the ‘rosepetal’ skin:

And this is the ‘wheat’ skin:

Lastly, SYD offers two darker skintones. First up we have ‘sepia’:

And finally, ‘taupe’:

The skins that I didn’t grab at the time can be seen here. The ‘fairy’ and ‘Goth’ (female) skins are shown in this post, but the others are not. These particular skins can be found on the second floor – dollarbies and freebies:

Mar is wearing the free ‘Centerfold’ shape by Opium, the free ‘Bun Fun’ hair (found at many resell stores) and the Disco Blitz top in black/blue from Relika.


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