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Living a digital life with empty pockets


So, while Second Life is down and we’re all getting twitchy as we stare blankly out of the window and wonder what that big yellow ball in the sky is (and while I glare menacingly at WordPress’s new and not-very-nice layout) I’ve been thinking.

Yeah, yeah. I know. You could hear the squeaking and grinding of cogs alllll the way from over there, right?

Well I’ve been considering getting hosting for SL for Nowt, turning it into a website (with a self-hosted WordPress blog) and making it a newbie-friendly place. The blog would concentrate, as it does now, on freebies, cheapies, and Mar’s general musings and odd screenshots, but the site would be a complete off-world (note the Blade Runner reference there *g*) beginner’s guide. I know there are plenty of other beginner’s guides out there, too, but just as there are probably a few hundred newbie kits – all of them different – so there can be a few hundred beginner’s guides – all with their explanations and tutorials worded differently.

My problem is this: what to call it? SL for Nowt is a snappy name, and I love it. But in the light of Linden Research, Inc.’s recent trademark policy, it’s a name that I should not be using any more. But I can’t think of anything else that has the same meaning and snappiness put together, and that will work well as a web address, too.

I thought about maybe using the blog’s byline – Living a digital life with empty pockets – but not only is that (and all possible conjunctions of it) way too long, but turning it into a URL would result in two sets of double letters, viz. – which just looks way too weird.

I thought about other digital meanings of ‘SL’ so I could perhaps keep the name, but nothing came up. I even pondered variations on ‘digital’ and ‘virtual’ but the closest I could come was which, though it looks better, just… doesn’t have that certain je ne sais quoi. It also (and I wonder if Linden Research, Inc. even thought of this when they came up with the trademark thing) doesn’t advertise that it will help newbies to the Second Life world: only that it’s something about virtual worlds that cost nothing. Or… something.

Edit: OK, I thought about, since it’s rare for me to refer to Second Life by name after the trademark change, which you may or may not have noticed. I tend to try and keep my references vague, and usually employ the expression ‘in-world’ instead of a direct name. There’s also, but again that’s going back to the vagueness of what ‘virtuality’ could mean. To me, it speaks of anything cheap you might find online, and doesn’t focus on living in a digital world, such as Second Life is. And neither of those names focus on the newbie thing. *sigh*

So I’m opening this up. I know most of my readers happen across me at random, usually via tag-surfing, but nonetheless there should be a few of you reading this. I would love to hear your suggestions: for a site name that’s snappy and keeps to the ethos of the blog (and refers to being newbie-friendly, if at all possible), works well as a (preferably memorable!) URL, and encompasses the whole freebie/cheapie ideal.


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