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OK, boys. We’ve dealt with the more… sensitive areas of your anatomy. Now do you think we could have a word about shapes? Skins? Clothing? Footwear? Hair? And… all that other stuff some of you have such trouble finding.

Listen, you don’t have to pay a fortune to look reasonably decent. Yes, you’ll get a bloody good shape at KMADD – for about 1000L$. And yes, you’ll get probably the best male skin in-world (Dante) at Naughty – for about 1500L$. But when you’re new and not sure you want to invest that much? You probably have a bit of money gleaned from money trees and camping, but all the free stuff you’re finding is probably a bit, well… crap.

Not if you know where to look, and lads, I have been looking for ya. Behind the cut is a very small selection of shapes, skins, hair, clothing, shoes and other bits (together with landmarks, of course). They might not be perfectly to your taste, but for now – until you decide you’re gonna break open that wallet and set the moths free – they’ll stop you from looking like this:


In all cases, if you can’t see the item right by you when you rez, follow the red beam (or the red arrow) and it will take you to the item you’re after.

OK, first you need a shape. I found Mar’s perfect male shape upstairs in Style Your Destiny. Go behind the ad wall in the middle of the store, and right-click on the teleporter, then select teleport. CHECK THE BLUE FLAG! You want it to read “Second Floor – Freebies and Dollarbies” so if it reads anything else, then click the ‘Next’ button until it does. Then click ‘Energize’ and Scotty will beam you up.

OK, you’re in the freebie and cheapie area. Look around. On the wall above the right-hand set of camping chairs you’ll find a pack with two free shapes (one male, one female) so grab that. It contains the Gregory shape, which is also available in the store for 1L. Since this one’s free, though, get that version. Then turn around and head in the opposite direction. On the lower end of the wall you’ll see more shapes. Each costs 1L. Inside those shape packs you’ll also get three skins and a pair of eyes. The skins are the same for each pack (except the darker-skinned pack) but the eyes are different for each one. Check out that entire wall, because there are some great t-shirts and other shirts available, mostly for 1L each.

Here’s a quick run-down on the shapes that I grabbed. In each of these images, Mar is wearing the Belen Male Camping skin that came in the SYD shape packs. Hair is the Truth ‘Danny’ dollarbie that I blogged about a while back. I’ll re-link you in this post in a bit, so be patient! (UPDATE: Alas, the Truth hair is no longer available.) The cute boxers are the freebie black Valentine boxers from Adam n’ Eve, in The Gnubie Store.

First up is Gregory, the freebie shape. Nice proportions, not too tall. (Well, most shapes in-world are way over what anyone in RL would consider tall: the average male is 7′ in-world! But Gregory is shorter than some of the other SYD shapes):

Next up we have Adam. He’s shorter and stockier, with a much more pronounced torso and wide shoulders:

This is Will. He’s a bit taller and wider than Gregory:

Brian is the shape I decided on for Mar’s male incarnation. He’s tall, yes (very tall!) but he has the nicest face:

Moving onto The Free Dove, and on the table in front of you when you rez is this Round Table Knight shape, by Vixen. Very tall and muscular:

Finally, hidden in a free ‘pack of 12 male shapes’ (along with a female shape, among others, so beware when you try them on, guys! I was sorely disappointed: the box has a pic of Vin Diesel on the front, but Vin Diesel wasn’t in the damn box!) at The Freebie Store in Chromex is this rather nicely-proportioned Male Goth Shape:

Two close-ups to show you of skins. This is the Belen Camping Skin that is one of three you’ll get with the SYD shapes (the other two are a freckled version and a bloody version with a black eye, which is rather brilliant). Here, the skin is shown on the SYD Brian shape:

And for those that want to be pale and interesting, SYD also has a nice Goth skin priced at 1L. Again draped over SYD’s Brian shape, this is the Violet Goth Male Skin (since I forgot to get the standard one! The violet one was an easter egg hunt prize, but the standard skin is very similar). The clothing comes from The Gnubie Store (a big freebie box of Goth/punk clothing called Deadly Nightshade Freebies for Boys):

I’ve already blogged several lots of good, free (or 1L) male hair, so check out the Great male hair for just 1L? It’s the Truth! post, and the More hair freebies for the guys post, too. In case you need a visual refresher, here’s Mar wearing four colours from Truth’s ‘Danny’ style (cost: 1L for a fatpack of 72 colours – from the first post):

UPDATE: The Truth hair is no longer available.

And here Mar is modelling the H2L Shun Newbie Hair in silver (from the second post):

Finally, just a tiny handful of the great male clothes that are out there now. Guys, you’re not as deprived as you might think. More and more designers are coming up with great freebies for men.

First of all, head over to Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise. From there, at least grab Sarah’s free Basic Low Riders boots. There’s also a ton of good basic t-shirts, jeans, and other items for you guys. You’ll also find a good basic AO at Sarah’s place: the Populated Male AO. Many other so-called freebie places charge for this – anything up to and maybe even over 10L – so don’t be ripped off. Get it for free from Sarah’s. Mar’s in one of the AO’s poses in the screenshot below:

OK, here Mar is wearing the Basic Low Riders boots (0L), and the black leather pants, jacket and gloves from the Leather Biker outfit (0L):

A selection from the ‘9 basic tees’ box (0L), also from Sarah Nerd’s. Indulge your inner music fan, be it young, old, or aging prog-rocker *g*

At The Gnubie Store, Gritty Kitty has a nice selection of free t-shirts. Here are two of them:

Other locations:

The Freebie Store, Chromex – This LM should take you to the free section (if it’s a busy time, then it might be full). Fly up and check out all the boxes on the walls. Lots of big packs of clothing, mostly free. Grab what looks OK and weed out the good stuff later. UPDATE: The free section has now moved. Turn around when you land, and head toward where you can see a huge bunch of green dots on your mini-map. That’ll be the freebie area!

House of Zen Freebie Section – Go here for a big pack of free eyes. If you’ve ever looked at Mar’s blue eyes and liked them, they’re from here.

1L$ Shop at Enkythings – It’ll take you the proverbial month of Sundays to get around here, and it’s a bit like a jumble sale: you might have to rummage, but you could find an absolute gem of an item.

Fabulously Free in SL – Freebie store associated with the FabFree blog (see my blogroll for links). Nice 1L ‘Male Relay Skin’ here, with proceeds going to Relay For Life.


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