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Frickin’ hell, girls. Ya gotta run for these!

I just stopped by at Frick, to pick up their gorgeous triple pack of freebie ‘Flourish’ skins, and I noticed there were still easter eggs dotted around the store and outside. There are five in total, but Frick’s owner – Fricka Morgath – has blogged that she will be taking the eggs down very soon. (In fact, she blogged that they would only be out for a few more days, and that was on March 30th.) So you’ve gotta RUN for these, as I don’t know how long they’ll be available.

These are all unreleased skins that Fricka has said will not be released once the hunt is over. They’re based on Eloh Eliot’s template, and they’re gorgeous. Make sure you pick up the free three-pack of ‘Flourish’ skins that are on the store wall, too!

Screencaps behind the cut.

There’s also a free box of eyebrows and *cough*’underthere hair’ options, so grab those too, if you feel like it. An added bonus is that the box also contains a moddable shape. The skins come with light reddish-brown eyebrows, so Mar wore the ‘thicker eyebrow shape’ from the pack with them.

Egg #1 contained this beautiful Goth lace mask skin:

Egg #2 contained this creamy purple makeup skin:

Egg #3 contained this fairy pink makeup with tattoos:

Egg #4 contained this cute, doll-like candy bunny skin:

Egg #5 contained two skins: Goth green/purple makeup:

And Goth purple eyelash makeup:

The free Flourish skins come in… Goth:



Mar is wearing the free ‘Bun Fun’ hair, from The Freebie Store at Chromex, and the Comfy Sweater in black, from Sn@tch (60L, if memory serves me right).


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