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Q: When is a facelight not a facelight?

A: When it’s a roomlight.

(Just a quickie before I tuck myself into bed *g* I forgot to post this last week, and a quick look through my Photobucket album reminded me about it.)

I spotted this lovely lady at Artilleri last week. Actually, let me amend that. I spotted this unearthly glow at Artilleri last week. After dismissing the daft  notion that aliens had landed, I cammed around and noticed the glow was moving. A moment after that, it came into full view and I realised it was a facelight. The brightest, most blinding facelight I have ever seen.

I set the world to midnight, and this lady… lit up the entire store. I kid you not: these screenshots were taken at midnight:

Now, I have no intention of embarrassing anyone in this blog (nobody that doesn’t deserve it, anyway *wicked grin*) but I’m posting these to show that ladies… please check that your facelights aren’t so darn bright they completely obscure your face! I’m sure this female av had a lovely face, but I simply couldn’t see it!

More pics behind the cut.


March 31, 2008 - Posted by | do's and don'ts, second life |


  1. Aren’t fireflies allowed to have a Second Life, too? ;-)
    I bet you’re using WL and she doesn’t. If I’m wrong, so is she *harhar* And those babies are some highly waisted pants! I don’t mean that in a bad/mean way, more in a amused way, ’cause high waisted things are lurking around every corner lately…and yaks…*nods*

    Comment by Tarissa Tripsa | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. *g* Fireflies. I love it!

    I’ll give you that, about WL (or RC, or whatever it is they’re calling it now): I *do* use it all the time, because I tried the main client and it just renders things too flatly for me. And WL does make some white light look so brilliant that it washes everything out (stores with an all-white decor are a nightmare for WL users). But still, Mar is a shopping av, and she encounters a lot of women, many of whom use facelights. And I’ve never seen one this bright before ;)

    The high-waisted pants is probably because Artilleri is a retro store, stocking clothes from the ’40s and ’50s. Otherwise I would agree with you (and probably lay all the blame at Simon Cowell’s feet *g*)

    Comment by Mar | April 1, 2008 | Reply

  3. My head aches x,x sooo much light! Im laughing really although i don’t intend too! Im a noob and and i feel sorry ><

    Comment by garamond | January 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. @ garamond: LOL! I did feel rather bad about posting these pics, but to be honest that facelight was so bright I had no need to obscure her face for privacy reasons. As Tarissa pointed out in the comment above, Windlight renders light very differently, and if that avatar was using a non-Windlight viewer, she probably had no idea she looked like that (or she might not have ‘local lights’ enabled in her graphics settings).

    Comment by Mar | January 2, 2009 | Reply

  5. I am a Noobie. What are they talking about when they say “main client” WL, or RC? Also, can you explain the whole HUD and HUB things, please? Last, what does one use the pose balls for (that are sold or given away and do specific animations) besides just stand there? This is an individual thing, I guess, not something you carry around and use in front of others?


    Comment by Topanga Gabilondo | February 8, 2009 | Reply

  6. Hi, Topanga :)

    A Second Life Glossary of terms is something I really should start work on, so your comment is very apt because it’s reminded me that I should work on more Newbie Notes!

    OK, here are the answers to your questions:

    The Main Client is the viewer you download from the Second Life website, and it’s what you use to connect to Second Life.

    ‘RC’ is an abbreviation for ‘Release Client’, also available from the Second Life site. The RC is a test client, where Linden Lab (who own and run Second Life) try out new improvements they want to put into the Main Client. People can download the RC if they want to help beta test those improvements. They report any bugs they find, and then finally a new Main Client will be released that incorporates the improvements that were in the RC.

    ‘WL’ is an abbreviation of ‘Windlight’. This is the Second Life dynamic lighting system, and it’s also what makes the clouds move, the water sparkle, and gives us fabulous sunrises and sunsets. There was once a time when Windlight was only available in the RC, but now it’s part of the Main Client.

    ‘HUD’ means ‘Heads-Up Display’ (think the kind of thing that fighter pilots have projected onto the insides of their helmet visors). Items that attach to your HUD are things such as AOs (animation overrides, which you can use to control the way you walk, sit, dance etc), radars (which tell you who is around you and whether they can see what you type in open chat) and many other useful scripted objects. A HUD always appears on your screen and looks like part of the viewer interface.

    I’m not sure what you mean when you ask about a HUB. The only hubs in Second Life are the Infohubs, which are official Second Life meeting places, owned and run by Linden Lab. Anyone can set their Home location to an infohub. Because they’re official places and often chock full of newbies and other residents, infohubs are something of a magnet for griefers (people who like to hassle and harrass newbies).

    Finally, poseballs. These are static objects, sometimes single, sometimes in pairs or even a group. You have to right-click on them and select ‘sit’ (or whatever the command is that’s usually in the top-left quadrant of the pie menu that comes up). Your avatar will then begin to perform whatever animation is inside the poseball, be it lounging on a couch, dancing in a nightclub, or yes even having sex. Be aware that some of the poseball sets (ie: there are two poseballs together) require a person to be sitting on each ball before the animation will start. If only one person hops on, they will stand in a static position until someone hops on the other poseball in the set.

    There are lots of variants on poseballs. Some, such as the ones in beds, can change positions and give different animations when you click the bed and obtain the menu, others can be carried around in a HUD object which, when clicked on your screen, will rez the poseballs in-world for you anywhere you wish (assuming that creating objects is allowed there) to use them.

    I hope that answered your questions :)

    Comment by Mar | February 8, 2009 | Reply

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