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More hair freebies for the guys

Husky GFX! have placed a pack of free hair inside the entrance of their mainstore at Tarnotopia. The small box is on top of another box, and the style is called ‘dirty biker hair’. It comes in two colours: black and light. Personally, I prefer light, but since both are freebies one can’t complain! The notecard in the box states the hair is not made by Husky, but the store is simply offering it because so many people have asked about it. Just behind that box, closer to the entrance, you’ll see a free unisex tattoo called Fenrirwolf.

More bloke-bits (not those kinds of bloke bits! Sheesh!) and a free girl’s hair, too, behind the cut…

The Husky GFX! ‘dirty biker’ hair in black:

and light:

If you don’t mind having silver hair (honestly, I think silver/white hair looks pretty damn good on guys in-world) then at Entama Town there is a free silver pack of the fabulous Shun hairstyle from Hayate’s Hair Lab. This style is so well-known (and so well-made, I have to say) that many people call it The Mighty Shun. (Ladies, there’s also a free silver female version of H2L’s Kei3 style for you, as well.) Both styles are on the walls either side of you as you rez on the sloped platform leading into the store. Note that this hair is no-mod, so if it doesn’t fit you, then tough luck. Get a smaller head! The standard Shun hair (and the new Shun2 style) that’s available in Hayate’s store in Harajuku is reasonably priced at 200L$ for a three-size pack.

H2L Shun Newbie hair in silver (no-mod):

The ad-boards (so you know what you’re looking for!)

While you’re in that small store, turn left and you’ll see a sign on the wall that says: “HD Animation recommendation free shape”. There’s a male and female shape in that sign, both free, and both are mod/copy, so you can make a copy and mess around with it.

And yes, that’s Mar in the screenshots *g* I’ve given the girl a sex change, for when I find good stuff for you guys. Admittedly, I rushed through my inventory and grabbed the first male shape and skin I could find, so it’s not the best of sex changes *cough* but this is one hairstyle that did look a bit daft on the girlie, so bloke-ish she had to be.


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