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Magic prices at Magi Take

Cherlindrea blogged at FabFree in SL this lovely little freebie open-heart choker, available at the Magi Take store on Jonetsu Island:

So I wandered over there to grab it, then took a look around. Oh my word, what a lovely little shop, with a great selection of good-quality basics, and all incredibly cheap! I spent a total of 32L there, and came out with my metaphorical shopping bags heaving with stuff.

Pics behind the cut.

First of all, I want you to note the jeans that Mar is wearing in all of these shots. They come in a 4-pack with two styles (straight leg and bootcut) in two colours (indigo and stone). And the price? Just 1L. Mar is wearing the bootcut versions in these screenshots.

OK, first up we have a gorgeous little down jacket with fleecy hood and cuffs, that also comes with a snuggly grey sweater. It will set you back just 10L:

Next up comes a warm fleece with a hood. This comes in a pack of two colours: dark blue, and grey. Cost is just 5L. Blue version:

Grey version:

Next up is a unisex polo shirt. Just 1L. Mar likes it because it’s got an ‘M’ logo:

Then we have a polo shirt with a familiar sporting logo. This comes in various colours, but I chose the black-striped one. You get two items for the 1L you pay for this: a shirt layer (the tucked-in/short version) and a jacket layer (the untucked version):

Finally, my favourite item. This reminds me of the denim jacket I wear when the weather gets warmer. It’s fitted, comfy, and has that slightly yellowed-aged look about it. This pack will set you back just 10L and you get not only the jacket, but a nice camo t-shirt, as well:

The shoes Mar is wearing are the 25L round-toe Mary Janes in Tan, from the discount section at ETD, which I blogged about here.


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