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Workin’ my butt off

I’ve been workin’ my butt off all day, putting together a newbie kit of my own. I’ve hoiked around some of the cheapest full-perm stores (Chromex is the best I’ve found) and snagged a ton of stuff very cheaply. One thing I’ve found, though:

Resell and full-perm stores are a heaven for blingtards. Seriously, WHY does every damn pair of boots and shoes there have to look like an explosion in a De Beers store? If it ain’t that, then they have eight-inch whore heels and are made from plastic, latex, or other fetish materials. I’ve found great everything-else, from jeans to dresses, eyes to skins and shapes. There are fewer nice tops around, but some of the tops of dresses (the ones with not-so-great skirts) will serve pretty well. But shoes? Gah. Bling, whore, bling, whore… Oh, and don’t even get me started on the clip-clop shoes that announce one’s arrival as though one is a bloody carthorse…

And yeah, I’ve had my eye on the guy’s stuff, and believe me that’s even worse. If you don’t aspire to be P. Diddy (or whatever it is he calls himself these days) you might as well forget it when it comes to resell/full perm. ‘Playa’ blingy belt buckles, Gangsta AOs, huge white fur jackets with Ming the Merciless collars, and knuckleduster rings with more sovereigns and diamond-encrusted words on them than the average male has knuckles. Mind you, the kind of guy that would wear that godawful stuff probably needs that many diamonds (nice, hard stones, those) on his knuckleduster rings, because all that dragging on the floor would erode any other material.

Okay, okay. Bitch mode off. *sigh*

There *is* a lot of great stuff out there for free. Hell, I blog about it here almost every day. But the thing about a newbie kit is that it’s designed to be opened there and then, everything tried on, and the n00b looks banished before you go whizzing around the grid. And while I can fill a notecard with LMs and advice to go to TESLA for their great Elise 2 shoes, or to Maitreya for their fab slinky stillettoes, the point is: the newbie wants to stop looking like a newbie as soon as possible!

Oh well, notecards and LMs it is. I have two good freebie shoes for the girls: the ones you see in almost every starter kit, plus some fun stuff like workboots and clogs. For the rest, I will put in a notecard with LMs and instructions on where to get the good freebies around the grid.

And there won’t be any bling in sight…


March 29, 2008 - Posted by | grrr!, newbie kits, second life, shoes, weird stuff |

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  1. Well…….
    If all else fails you can build a couple pairs of shoes… Natalie has a great tutorial at The Mermaid Diaries.

    Comment by Firebird | May 6, 2009 | Reply

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