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Newbie Kit Review: Sn@tch

Since Mar’s been in-world, I’ve noticed (and picked up) a fair few newbie kits: boxes filled with everything a newbie might need to get themselves looking less like a n00b. They usually contain at least one shape, one skin, one set of hair, one pair of eyes, one AO of sorts, one pair of shoes/boots, and a few items of clothing. Some contain a lot more than that, and some are better than others, or geared more toward one style than others.

Today I’m going to review the Raven Noobie Kit, from Sn@tch.

I love Sn@tch’s clothing line: lots of punky, grungy, trashy items, and owner Ivey Deschanel is insanely fun. Her Subscribe-O-Matic notecards always have me giggling. What else can you do but cackle when you read something like:

DJ Angelus is playing hot slinky smex music for you and I’m in the basement as usual peeking up your skirts. So leave the glitch pants at HOME!

The Raven Noobie Kit can be found, together with a load of other great freebies, at Sn@tch, in Pulse. The Noobie Kit is on the ground floor, near to the customer service desk, along with a few other free items (no, you don’t get a TV with the TV Freebie of the Week, but you do get some… interesting items *g*) and a lucky chair that’s generously set to change every 5 minutes and also includes the beloved ‘?’ for those whose letter never seems to come up. The rest of the freebie stuff (including an insanely massive 1000-item clearout box) is on the second floor.

Getcher Goth on, and follow me behind the cut…

The Sn@tch Raven Noobie Kit is a girl’s Gothic dream. What do you get in it? Well…

One shape,  three skins, four bald bases with varying colours of eyebrow, the standard bald base, two pairs of eyes, a facelight, a sexywalk override, a pair of oval shades,  a flip titler, long black hair, two cropped baby tees (the kind that leave the underside of your boobs exposed), a short ‘muff skirt’ and glitch pants, a pair of stripey knee socks, a pair of stiletto shoes with foot shaper (type bling off in chat if you don’t want them to bling), and a pair of big black boots with foot shaper.

Mar’s modelling a few of the items below:

The overall outfit. One of the baby tees, the muff skirt, the hair, the shoes (minus bling), the shape, and one of the skins. And yeah, she damn well blinked as I took the screenshot *sigh* But that does at least show the great eyeshadow:

Close-up on one of the skins (made by Eloh), the hair, and one of the baby tees:

The other baby tee:

Feeling classy? Wear the stilettoes:

Alternatively, if you feel like kicking some shit, wear the boots (paired here with the socks) *g*

Altogether a great newbie kit for the aspiring Goth, and a damn sight better than the default Goth avatar. Hie thee to Pulse and check out Ivey’s Sn@tch! ;)


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