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All builded out

*mops brow*

Whew! I’ve been working on this damn castle skybox for about three days now, and it’s finally finished. A total of 73 prims, counting the door, and I am so incredibly pleased with it.

I’ve also got the two-storey, 29-prim Tudor house all ready to go, and I’ve put together a free garden-in-a-box kit, containing loads of freebies: the best trees, plants, flowers, planters, etc, plus seating, a mailbox, a fountain, and birdsong sound effects. All were freebies that I’ve found elsewhere. A couple of them I modified (the fountain was originally an urn planter, plus a particle water sprinkler, but I put them together, re-textured them and they made a great little fountain) but it’s a nice little selection.

Finally, something that makes me giggle every time I think of it: My D.I.Y. Hedge Kit. Yup, make your own hedges. I’ve uploaded two hedge textures, and put them into a box with a smooth cube sculpt map, and a sample hedge.

Piccies behind the cut.

First, the castle. I’ll be selling this for 300L$. External view of it floating on my little building platform. It’s 20m x 20m, so it’s fairly compact, but when you’re inside it, it’s amazingly roomy:

Inside the main downstairs room, and here is my special staircase. That’s what added not a few of those prims to the count, but each step is a hollowed and cut cube, so it’s not as though I’m using a separate prim for each step and riser:

The upstairs room. Did I mention it was BIG?

The front door, leading out onto the covered patio/outdoor dining area, and looking out onto the garden:

All Mar needed was an exotic tree (oranges! It’s in the garden-in-a-box) and a deckchair (also in the box), and she was happy to flop after all that building:

Mmm. Pass me a glass of something chilled and alcoholic, please…

The Tudor House. I’ll be selling this for 100L$ as it’s a much simpler design. This has been Mar’s home, place where she changes clothing, and the place where her little photoshoot backdrop is, that I take all the clothing screenshots against. It’s surrounded by… my funky hedges!

Inside is nothing but warm stone and wood. Lovely and cosy. This is the upstairs, with a much simpler sloped staircase:

And just for completion, to show how damn busy I’ve been today, these are the two box and adboard textures I made. First, the freebie garden-in-a-box:

And *g* the 10L$ D.I.Y. Hedge Kit:


March 27, 2008 - Posted by | building, freebies, garden, home, house, second life |


  1. Mar – Thanks for those hedges! They will look much better than the stone walls I have now. The builds are looking good. Looks like you are having fun :)

    Comment by melynndreamscape | March 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks, Melynn :)

    I’m definitely having fun, although I’ve spent waaay too much on textures. I know there are freebies out there (I’ve blogged about them, after all!) but then I found TRU and… oh dear. *g*

    I’ve yet to set the hedges out on sale. I only checked out the small market space that came with my land yesterday, and it’s *titchy* and in a very low-traffic area, so I might try to find somewhere with a bit more traffic. I also need more things to sell before I actually have enough to fill even the smallest stall! I will probably put these out in the free market area, though, just so I can start (hopefully!) getting some income to offset the expenditure on those textures. I’ll be putting the SLurl into a post when I do finally do that.

    Comment by Mar | March 27, 2008 | Reply

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