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Great male hair for just 1L? It’s the Truth!

UPDATE: The Truth hair is no longer available.

Guys, get over to Truth‘s store in Sweet Sorrow. They currently have a fatpack of 72 colours in this great, sexy style called Danny, for just 1L$.

Ladies, there’s something for you, too. Two more dollarbies: Deanne and Danny 2, also both in fatpacks. And, as before, the guy’s styles usually work just as well on the girls!

Also in the sim, if you hunt around a bit, Fuse has a sweet little flower ring freebie on their new items display, just inside the door, and Sand Shack Surf Co. have three dollarbies set out on the steps: a bag containing a halter top, a pair of denim bermuda shorts, and a tintable polo, and two little wrapped presents, containing a graphic tee and a pair of messy artist shorts. There’s also a ‘coming soon’ ad in front of one of the empty stores, for Kookla, and beside it is a dollarbie box containing several nice tops.

Screenshots behind the cut.

Firstly, the Truth hair. Again, we’re spoiled for choice, with 72 colours to pick from. This is the female ‘Danny 2’ hair, in blood dark:

This is the (admittedly somewhat severe) Deanne hairstyle, in sable. Drawn back into a tight bun, it might not suit all avatars’ shapes and skins (personally, I don’t think that it suits Mar) but there are a great many female avs that it would look great on. Also, I took a profile shot of this style, because ya gotta love those little wispy bits on the bun itself:

Finally for the hair, you should know by now that I love trying guy’s stuff on Mar as well as girl’s stuff. *g* If only it worked the other way around, then the poor male avs would have more choice! This is Mar trying on that fabulous male style, Danny, in nutmeg:

Onto the other freebies and dollarbies now. This is the cute little ‘bloom’ ring that Fuse has as a freebie:

And these are the Sand Shack Surf Co. (try saying that when you’ve had a few bevvies!) items. First up is the Grungy Denim Bermudas, and the Graphic Tee Surf Sunny. Flipflops are a freebie from Total Betty, part of the gridwide easter egg hunt:

I have to say it. Great detailing on the arse, too *g*

This is the Dotalicious Halter in choco/mint (very pretty!):

And this is the Messy Artist shorts in fruit salad, and the worn, tintable polo. The polo is tried on as-is. No tinting by me at all:

Onto the Kookla items.Up first is the Black Polkadotted Tunic Top, which is my favourite of the bunch:

Then we have two slash-necked, pale blue thermals, one with flowers and one without:

Finally, a Red Tunic Top:

Jeans are Stellar Designs’ Outlaw Unisex jeans in Silver Wash, from the 2008 Clothing Fair. I checked out Stellar Designs‘ store, but the jeans aren’t set out there as a freebie. However, there’s a cute freebie set of ‘hope, strength, faith’ wristbands on the reception desk.


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