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Dollarbies at ETD

Got 19L to spare? How about getting some hair with it? How about getting a mind-boggling 2648 hairstyles for those 19L? No, I’m not kidding, no it’s not a scam, and most importantly, no they’re no crap. They are the dollarbies on offer at ETD. (Incidentally, I’m tagging this post as both dollarbie and freebie, because good grief, people, one dollar isn’t breaking the bank, even for a newbie…)

I swear, I counted them right. There are 16 style packs, each containing 161 colours each (yes, 161! You’ve got no excuses for saying your hair doesn’t match your outfit!) and three style packs, each containing 24 colours.

Also on the dollarbie wall are three fatpacks of clothing, each featuring eight colours: corduroy pants, multistripe dresses, and a cute sleep shorts and tank set. And as if that wasn’t enough, turn left a little to find some amazing shoes and ankle boots, all very reasonably priced at 25L each.

This is Mar’s current look:

It’s all ETD, save the jewellery. The choker is the Everyday Stone Choker (amber) by Opium, available in the jewellery section at The Free Dove. And the bracelet is the Copper Bracelet by Hellcat designs, available at the FabFree store. Both are freebies.

Behind the cut I’m going to show off just one colour of each of the ETD hairstyles, plus take a closer look at Mar’s new outfit. Come take a look, because if you can’t spare just 19L for these barnets, then there’s no hope for ya! *g*

To find the dollarbie wall, when you land at ETD Isle, head West into the store. Once you’re in the reception area, head South into the Discounts section. The dollarbie hair and outfit wall is on your right there, and the shoes are on the racks in front of you.

Remember, each of these hairstyles come in a bewildering array of colours. I swear I must have counted them wrongly, but I re-counted them, and it still comes up at 161 colours per style, save the last three styles, which come in 24 colours each.

I used to be terrified of editing my hair, trying to just stretch the whole damn thing when bits looked too small. Now I’m more savvy, and I know to edit linked parts and just move around individual locks of hair. That’s all you need to do if the fit isn’t quite right (and tiny adjustments were all any of these styles needed for me). Elikapeka Tiramisu, owner of ETD, includes a handy adjustment guide notecard in with each pack, so you can’t go wrong.

Ready? OK, on with the feast! I picked just one colour from each style…

Airy, in chestnut:

Anya, in auburn:

Bonita, in black:

Carmina, in cinnamon:

Casual, in cerise:

Chandra, in copper burnt:

Jessica II (complete with hat), in crimson:

Jolleen, in emerald:

Lily, in espresso:

Lovely, in ebony:

Melinda, in tawny:

Phoebe, in mahogany:

Solaera, in purple:

Twila, in smoke:

The next two are male hairstyles, but look just as good on girls. Again, they come in 161 colours each.

Sleek, in fire burnt:

Virile, in scarlet burnt:

The next three are the 24-colour packs, labelled as ‘WLSB Collection’.

Bedded Attitude, in dark chocolate:

Midst II, in silver:

Simplicity Sassy, in teal burnt:

Whew! Now is that, or is that not bloody good value?

OK, a quick look at Mar’s new clothes. The pants are the dark brown set of ‘Nearly Cords’ from ETD (1L for eight colours), and the top is the top half of the orange ‘Multistriped Dress’ (1L for eight colours). The choker is ‘Everyday Stone Choker (amber) by Opium (0L) and the bracelet is ‘Copper Bracelet’ by Hellcat Designs (0L):

The shoes are ETD’s ‘Round Toe Mary Janes’ in tan (25L):


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