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Easter egg hunt skin screenshots behind the cut. All either from LaynieWear, SYD or Esthetica Makeup Arts. The LaynieWear and SYD ones are from the grid-wide hunt blogged about by FabFree, but hurry! The hunt finishes at midnight SLT – tonight!

The Esthetica skins are in an egg from the Retrology hunt, which I blogged about earlier.

No nudity. The post is perfectly worksafe. I’ve only screencapped the face in each case.

The first set of skins are by SYD and they’re the Vampiress series, which come in cornflower, lilac, and cherry blossom. And since they’re vampiress skins, I put Mar back into her black clothes and black Proton ponytail, to better suit the theme:


The second sets are both from LaynieWear. The first is the Butterfly set, in emerald and orange:


And the second is the beautiful darker ‘Imani’ skin, also in Butterfly emerald and orange:


Again from LaynieWear comes this pretty set of Easter skins:

And at LaynieWear’s mainstore, there’s a giant luminous yellow bunnyrabbit just inside the doorway. Inside it is this oh-so-pretty Spring Fresh skin from SYD:

Moving onto the Retrology hunt, the following skins are all in a single egg, courtesy of Esthetica Makeup Arts, all from the ‘Trapt’ range, and coming in various skintones. I don’t know if I can remember the order that I screencapped them in, so I won’t give the names by each picture, in case they’re wrong! The names are: Amanda, Autumn, Fiona, Jen, Kim, and Willow.

Edited to add: Alexis Stapovic, creator of the Trapt skins, has kindly provided me with the order that I posted the skins in, so I’ve now edited the post to include each name.

First up, we have Amanda:

Here is Fiona:





And finally, Willow:


March 24, 2008 - Posted by | second life, skins |


  1. <3
    hello, I’m the creator if the Trapt skins:)
    thank you for mentioning me! <3 <3 <3

    the order you posted the skis in is amanda, fiona, jen, autumn, kim, willow.

    ohh also, if you are looking for some GOOD freebies, im compiling lists of that stuff for a friend of mine, wherever and whenever i see it. contact me in-world some time and ill dig it out for you :)

    Comment by alexis stapovic | March 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks so much for the comment, Alexis :) I’ll amend the post so that the skins have their correct names. After the confusion I managed to cause for myself in doing this post I learned my lesson, and I now screencap individually and edit that capture with its name before moving onto the next one *sheepish grin*

    Also wow, thanks so much for the freebies offer. I’ll definitely be in touch in-world about that!

    Comment by Mar | March 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. LOL oh i didn’t comment as a commandment to amend lol, i was just saying in case you or anyone else was wondering:) i often screen cap away and loose my order too, so ive become good and figuring out whats what in the aftermath

    and if i DON’T get back to you in-wold keep bugging me.. for some reason my IM’s cap, yet when i log in i have ZERO IM’s…. go figure.. so keep bugging me about it

    Comment by alexis stapovic | March 28, 2008 | Reply

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