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Now you see ’em

I’ve been up on my building platform, working on a few bits and pieces for my little market stall (soon to be opened up, I hope!) and I went into my graphics preferences to bring the draw distance down a little, as there was a skybox nearby that was getting in the way of my screenshot.

I took the screenshot I needed, and set the draw distance back up, but overshot the mark and… woah! Where did all those things come from?

So I carefully set the draw distance back to default and took a screenshot, then set it up as high as it would go and took another screenshot…



*makes with the spooky hands and intones “We are not alooooone…”*

(Yeah, I know. Blame the coffee and the inventory sorting. *cough*)


March 24, 2008 - Posted by | second life, sl settings, weird stuff |

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