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Bluebirds all a-twitter at Silent Sparrow

The notice dropped down: new group freebie at Silent Sparrow. By the time Mar got there, the store was packing out already. A few teething problems with the script (poor Hya, coping with all us lot and not feeling well at the same time) and then we all came away with yet another Silent Sparrow beauty: the Tarnished Suite.

*Note: The necklace is not part of this outfit.

More pictures behind the cut.

First of all, this is a group freebie. You need to be in the Silent Sparrow group, which you can only do by going to the store. Head to the customer service desk and click the sign there, then be patient! Your group invite might arrive within minutes, or it might not arrive until the next day. The freebies will still be there, don’t worry! Once you have your invite, wear your group tag before heading over to the Silent Sparrow store. The group freebies are always in the pool in the middle of the store, and past freebies are still in there to be grabbed. Just click each box while wearing your group tag, and the items will be delivered to you.

This is how busy Silent Sparrow got just before I left:

Onto the outfit! This, as always, is a real beauty, and as an added bonus for the guys, there’s something in it for you, too! First, though, we tackle the girl’s stuff, and we begin with a closeup of the corset and gloves. The necklace isn’t part of the outfit: I’ll mention that at the end of this post, but I wanted to put something blue and classy with that gorgeous low neckline:

The details on the back of the corset are just as lovely, all that fine ribbon lacing:

Closeup on the glove and pants belt detailing:

This is the shirt for the guys:

And then we add in the coat, and two sets of tails:

Finally a lovely little girl’s shirt to complete the suite:

The necklace that Mar is wearing is from the Retrology hunt that I blogged about yesterday. It’s a hunt gift called Glitterari Necklace (blue) from Violet Voltaire. The freebie can only be found at the hunt in Retrology, but Violet Voltaire’s store can be found here. Her blog can be found here:


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