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My vintage-loving heart is happy

I’m absolutely wiped out. I’ve spent the better part of two hours scouring the Retrology sim for their amazing Easter egg hunt, and I think I’ve finally got everything. I daren’t even look at Mar’s inventory (*wince*), but if you love vintage and retro, from 30s to 70s, then get down to Retrology as soon as you can. The hunt won’t last forever!

One great thing: all the eggs have hovertext, so they’re easy to spot. But be warned: they are everywhere. So look high and low, and check out some of the great poseballs dotted all over the sim, too!

Me? I’m going for a lie down, a cuppa coffee, and a slice of the apple pie that I got in the sim’s cafe…


March 23, 2008 - Posted by | dollarbies, freebies, second life, treasure hunt |

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  1. […] Esthetica skins are in an egg from the Retrology hunt, which I blogged about […]

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