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The Easter Bunny’s been busy

It’s Easter Bunny time on SL (perhaps that’s who my little bunny friend was of a week or so ago!) and Mar has been hunting eggs galore. This post comes nowhere near to detailing everything she’s found in the past week or so, from freebies at the RFL Fair, to various egg hunts. Even some St Patrick’s Day hunt stuff hasn’t yet been screencapped, and her inventory is still heaving despite my best efforts to try stuff on, take screencaps, then file and archive everything!

Anyway, behind the cut are just a few of the items that I have got around to doing.

Edited to add: My apologies, but WordPress seemed to eat half of this post, so if it looks a bit funky to you, that’s probably why.

Firstly, this is how busy the RFL Clothing Fair got when I was there. An average of between 25-37 people in each sim:

Couple of St Patrick’s Day goodies first. This outfit was a freebie from… er… *rummages through inventory* GridLife (found it! Whew, that took some scrolling!) and was in Pot o’ Gold #44 in the March Ohana Isle treasure hunt:

Then we have the lovely Celtic Trinity jewellery from Accessories by Eolande, in Pot ‘o Gold #48:

Moving onto the RFL Fair, these gorgeous dresses were all from Digit Darke (in the Summer Sim), and set for just 1L each. Mar bought the lot!

Trying just a few on (and giving thanks for the fatpack of wedge pumps in 10 colours that Mar found during ETD’s St Patrick’s Day hunt!):

I haven’t tried it on yet, but this dazzling Gypsy Princess dress (and slippers, don’t forget the slippers!) was from Crystal Queendom (Summer Sim). The dress was set to 2L and the slippers to 1L:

AnnaH Couture (Summer Sim again) offered this lovely Julia outfit for free, in charcoal and purple. Great for mixing and matching:

Again from Digit Darke, come these two pair of Mary Janes (although personally I’d call them t-bar heels *g*), set at 1L per pair:

DellyciousWear (Summer Sim again!) offers this cute Ruby outfit as a freebie:

Mar’s favourite (and her new default outfit for a while), though, is the absolutely beautiful Night Mist dress and the Princess Pearl bracelet from Icing (Spring Sim). In fact, I loved it so much (no, I didn’t buy the company…) that I hightailed it over to Icing’s store in Mischief Cove and bought the choker and earrings to go with the bracelet. Take a look around the store, because they have a great freebie cabinet!

Alerted by the FabFree blog of a treasure hunt at shoe store ::69:: I headed off there to find diamond rings. There are six of them, and oh my word, they are all gems!

Marguerite, in red:

Marguerite in black:

In blue check (with bow detailing on the back):

And in pink check:

Then the amazing Nightmare shoes with their skull detailing. First in black:

And in white:

Lastly comes Mar’s first attempt at making a dress. OK, stop laughing at the back there *g* I console myself with the thought that even the famous SL designers probably made crap to begin with…

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