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Relay For Life Clothing Fair

The Relay For Life Clothing Fair is open. Running from March 17th – 23rd, it spans four sims (named after the four seasons, and each with a theme) and is not only a place to buy great clothes, it’s also a worthwhile cause to support with your purchases. Many of the designers have laid out freebies, dollarbies, and very cheap items, and there are RFL donation kiosks in almost every store with a ‘minimum donation’ payable to receive the (often usually far more expensive) items within them. There is also a treasure hunt, with six antique chests hidden across the four sims.

Please do drop by during the fair and check out the sims. Be aware that they may be very laggy, depending on the time of day that you visit. Just now, summer was fine, but I entered the spring sim and lost all hair and attachments and am in lag hell! But persevere anyway.

The SLurl above will drop you in the Remembrance Garden, which is a beautiful place to pause and reflect, and is decorated with pictures of many loved ones that SL residents have lost to cancer.

Edited to add: Laynie Link has some very useful tips on surviving lag in places such as this, in her post: Surviving Lag 101.

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