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Easter egg hunt at Kouse’s Sanctum, and ladies if you love your long gowns and classy (non-blingy) jewellery, then you’ll want to do this one.

This is what you’re looking for (but they’re a lot smaller than this!)

There are 12 in total, but to judge from the notecard, two of those 12 are probably the tiny little eggs (of which there literally are only two, and once they’re gone, they’re gone) that each contain a L$1000 voucher for the store.

Nonetheless, you should go on this hunt, purely because the items in the ten eggs that I managed to find are so beautiful. If you want to be spoiled for them, peek behind the cut. If not, then go on the hunt and be surprised!

The jewellery is exquisite. This is the Anne Boleyn choker in emerald and gold:

The Princess of Light sapphire and silver circlet:

The Vivienne Tiara in gold:

The Vivienne necklace in gold:

The Elendil circlet in silver and ametrine:

The Elentari bracelet in gold:

And the clothes… This is the beautiful Lothiriel dress in periwinkle:

The Crystal Renewal dress:

The Elven Queen II Renewal dress, with solid and transparent skirts:

And finally, the Anastasia Renewal dress. This comes with slim skirt, ballgown skirt, solid and transparent flexi sleeves, a cap and face veil:

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