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Bonus fashion post!

I think we finally have a winner for Mar’s new freebie hair, and it means she’s had a bleach job! This lovely new style that she’ll be wearing for a while is ‘Blake – aub’ from Bewitched Hair‘s March group gift. Bonus points is that she’s visible at night, because the hair textures are full bright! *g*

A few more frock ‘n’ hair freebies behind the cut. Mar is currently at ETD Isle, taking part in their limited Lucky Clover hunt. Only five clovers to find, the place is absolutely heaving to the point of making just moving around like walking through molasses, and the region restart blue flag has just dropped down. Hence I have a break to start this post, after finding two of those clovers (#2 and #3), then I’m heading back to find the other three. The hunt finishes at 11:59pm SLT tonight!

Edited to add: I found all five items! more details and pictures behind the cut.

First up, a dollarbie from Everyday Girl. This will be Mar’s new outfit for a while now. This is the Funk set, in pink, and it comes with jacket, patent leather belt, and bobbysocks, too. Note the nice fishnet detailing down both sides:

Mar pauses for a latte at the coffee cart, during the Bewitched hair hunt (modelling her new hair!)

Cute hair and turban snagged for free at Kauai, a few days ago during their White Day sale. I’m not sure if it’s still there now:

Cute French maid outfit (complete with broom!) from Yips at The Gnubie Store:

Gorgeous (and risqué) white lace dress freebie from Rock Me Amadeus! Knotted pearl strand is a freebie from Fallingwater Cellardoor, at The Gnubie Store:

Here’s the lovely ‘The Midnight Kiss’ group gift from Kouse’s Sanctum update group that Mar got. It comes with a ballgown skirt and a less poufy skirt, and believe me, it flows beautifully when you walk:

It also comes with a pretty tiara and necklace, and some lovely corset lacing details on the back:

Onto the hunt at ETD Isle! There were five lucky clovers to find:

As I wandered around, I found a wall full of dollarbie hair, so I’ll go back to check those out later, when the place isn’t quite so busy!


The clovers are, luckily, a good size, unlike some treasure hunt items I’ve tried to find! This one (big clue here!) was in the store window:


Fangirl moment for another SL celeb. She didn’t even rez properly, but I quickly screencapped ETD’s owner, Elikapeka Tiramisu:


During the hunt, I marvelled at some of the gorgeous SL photography used in ETD’s ads. For more info, check out this post on the ETD blog:


At the back of ETD Isle (hint #2 – take a good look around this area!) there’s a lovely beach, where Mar paused to contemplate her navel (or, more likely, the lovely ocean) for a while. Nice place for SL photography here:






But the hunt was on, and Mar found everything! There’s a plethora of free green stuff around SL right now, what with St Patrick’s Day coming up, but ETD’s is some of the best I’ve seen. Here are the lucky green Hampton Wedges in clover #3:


And the giggly oversized sunglasses (clover # 2) and green-tipped hair (part of a 3-pack in clover #4)


The gem of the lot was clover #5 with a 10-colour pack of Wedge Pumps. These magenta ones go perfectly with Mar’s new outfit:




Finally (for now, as I’m about to head off on the Ohana Isle treasure hunt for this month and will not doubt have loads more to blog about!) I may have cursed the region restart at ETD, but it had one bonus: it turned a crammed, laggy sim into a near-empty place where I could actually walk about. Well, for five minutes, at least, but that was long enough to locate the rest of the clovers *g*


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