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Behind the cut is the usual selection of SL randomness from Mar’s last week’s wanderings. There’s everything under the sun, from funny bunnies to more money tree suspects, from great avatars to more silly names. There’s also an update on my post titled “Con or genuine error ? You decide“.
By the way, Bewitched Hair is holding a treasure hunt for St Patrick’s Day. The hunt is on now, and you have to look for shamrocks and pots of gold – 17 in total. Each hunt prize costs L$1 and contains a style in four colours. Some of them are brand new releases. This is what you’re looking for:

First up, amazing avatars! This first av was spotted at Rock Me Amadeus store, and came complete with zombie AO!

This adorable little cutie was spotted at Fairy Pearls, in Vision of Mountains:

He stopped for a chat:

Ever felt enormous? Mar has an Alice in Wonderland “Eat Me” moment:

And he, er, took me back to his place. But when I saw the bunny-sized chair with its bunny-sized pose, I was done for. Talk about squealing like a girl… (well, yes: I am a girl, but still) –

Hot male avatars. Holy cow, why don’t I ever see guys like the one in this ad at Tukinogawa Hair, in RL?

Mind you, this one came pretty close, swinging dreamily in Creative Fantasy Home and Garden sim:

Spotted at the Bewitched Hair hunt, this av was very helpful when I complimented her on her beautiful dress, and told me the update group to join (Kouse’s Sanctum) in order to get it:

I’m not normally into fur on people (it belongs on animals, quite honestly) but I did like this guy in his coat, spotted at Alady:

Of course, there must be clothing in a Mar blog post! This freebie was from Nyte N Day, at the Gnubie Store in Powder Mill:

As were these pants, although the top (called ‘Bea’) was a freebie from The Free Dove:

Gorgeous coats, spotted at cafe&shop Rin, in Kauai:

And this utterly fabulous peacock costume came from Yip’s, in The Gnubie Store. Perfect for fancy dress parties!

Rear view (oh, put it away, Mar!)

Back here, in a post titled “Con or genuine error? You decide” I mentioned a pack of female shapes set out with a green ‘FREE’ hovertext, but which actually cost a newbie avatar L$200. After IMing the creator/owner, that newbie got her money back, and I’m pleased to say she’s contacted me again to say the box has now been set out for a much more reasonable L$1:

Another way of making money in SL is by adding locations to your picks. The reward isn’t that amazing (seems to be an average of L$20 per month) but it’s something. The ads all look the same, so I’ve just screencapped one. This was in Rock Me Amadeus store:

I said hi to this guy sitting on a money tree when I visited that sim early this week. No reply. Later on that same day I took a friend back there, and the guy had moved to sit on another pillar of the tree. I’ll never understand this. Was he just waiting for the tree to grow, or did he think it was like camping, where he had to sit there in order to get money? My explanations fell on deaf ears at the time (he was set Away anyway) so I don’t know if he’s still sitting there!

Hmm. Money tree farmer, or someone creating two avatars at the same time? walter01 Latte and walter02 Latte, both created on 3/5/2008, both spotted heading money tree totals by other newbies (and by me as I’ve guided newbies around SL). Suspicious, methinks:

And here’s more richness at that damned high-paying tree again! Remember Jestina Thor, who carried on taking from this tree, even though the av was much older than the 30-day newbie money tree limit? I was emailed by a newbie about an even better example. Check this guy out:

There’s a chat conversation to go with this, for which I will (of course) change the names. The newbie that notified me of this chatted to another newbie around that tree, and got the sneaking suspicion they might be one and the same person as TomTom Jefferson, only using two avatars. She sent me a notecard of the conversation (in which ‘you’ is the newbie that emailed me, and ‘T’ is the av she was chatting to). The amounts are different, because when she spoke to ‘T’, TomTom Jefferson had taken L$25 from that tree. When I TP’d there (at another time) to take a look and a screencap, he’d taken L$22:

You: See the name at the top with $25?
You: TomTom Jefferson? Search his name.
T: tomtom, yes
T: i know him
You: Rezzed 19th Dec
T: it’s a glitchy tree
You: Yeah.
T: well, i’m off to see if i can find a non-glitchy tree
T: bye
You: Bye

The newbie noted to me that when ‘T’ said, “it’s a glitchy tree” her personal thoughts went along the lines of, “yes, and people take advantage of that fact”.

Names! OK, here are a couple of fun ones:

And this one… ouch! Doesn’t that hurt?

SL celebrities. Anyone else go, “Ooh!” when they see a famous SL designer in their store? No? Just me then? OK, call me a sad cow, but there I was at TESLA (where my fabulous freebie Elise2 Mary Jane shoes came from) and who should materialise but Tesla Miles herself! I was not worthy…

Finally, oh… another borked teleport. Ah well. Relog screen shows Mar halfway between worlds, locked in SL limbo. Another day, another Linden dollar…


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