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A post of random images

As if there aren’t enough of them available already, I’m compiling a post just for the newbies to SL, containing links to places and freebies to get you started in-world. I’m trying to make it as comprehensive as possible, so it’s going to take a while to complete.

In the meantime, hop behind the cut for a selection of screencaps from Mar’s travels since she last posted. The usual assortment of clothing and random oddities.

But before that, this week’s selection of names to make you giggle (there’s also another one behind the cut, which I screencapped). This week’s thanks for making me grin go to:

Nothing Underall (spotted, if I remember rightly, in the naughty Moulin Rouge sim)

Depraved Morales (spotted in the risqué Darkness sim)

Heyerdahl Thor (clever…)

NoNoBadDog Tuqiri (spotted at a money tree)

Anyoneseenmy Camel (another money tree gem)

Firstly, great avatars. This fabulously-dressed av was spotted at TESLA shoe store:

And this adorable little one was spotted at the new Gnubie Store location, in Powder Mill (update your Gnubie Store LMs!):

Gorgeous handbag (I’d love this one in RL!) spied by the lucky chairs in PanJen:

Also in TESLA, someone was having an Ugly Sisters moment. She needed to nudge the foot size slider down just a tad…

Group freebie from Sn@tch – this great messenger bag:

Sn@tch’s owner, Ivey, is being generous with the freebies this week. As well as the bag, and a great pair of opera gloves, she’s setting a random item to free in the store each day. When I TP’d over there I was delighted that the freebie was this gorgeous top hat:

The lucky chair at Silent Sparrow was on M! Yay!

At the new Gnubie Store location (see above mention for SLurl) I found these great free clothes by Nyte ‘n’ Day (lovely free skin and shape, too):

Plus some really great t-shirts from Julliette Westerburg, of Tres Blah. So many freebie t-shirts in SL are emblazoned with store names and logos, so it’s lovely to find some good-quality ones that have subtle images and designs on them:

There’s also a great newbie starter pack for both male and female avs at the Gnubie Store, which I suppose should really go into my Newbie Post, but hey… *g* These are really nice skins, too:

A final image from the Gnubie Store, the free Gurl6 hair display had me scratching my head. I knew the central avatar reminded me of something, so I rummaged through my desktop folders, and there it was. It reminded me of a shot I had of Hayden Christensen in the movie Virgin Territory. Odd, how these things strike you *g*

At Freebie Jeebies in Wilted Rose, Canimal have a nice selection of free items, including some brilliant KISS skins:

Following the Fabulously Free blog’s tip, I went to the Skin Fair at Vanity Universe (check out FabFree’s blog post for tips on freebie skin offers there!) and it was pretty darn busy:

While there I found this cute display:

And this hilarious typo *g*

In the Tiny Mall, at Cecropia I found this oh-so-sweet little warning flag for Tinies to wear. Watch your step!

Also at the Tiny Mall, was this fake-camping display which made me giggle:

And last, but not least, I’ll let this radar alert for the first name speak for itself. Gotta be a male driving that av, because what woman would call herself that?


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